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Edward to the rescue, again.



Check out this gem of an anonymous comment I got yesterday.  


“Anonymous said…




3 weeks, wow, lucky you haven’t been kicked off yet. The amount of talent and will you have could both fit in a tourist gift bag. You’re a poor excuse for a contestant, “limited” is an understatement. I wouldn’t watch your show with Stacey’s glassy eyes. This series somersaulted over the shark when they ejected Nina, and the ratings show that. Entertainment Value = 0. Those of you who remain are the least capable group I’ve seen in all seasons of DesignStar. Good luck and (hopefully) good riddance to you next week.”
Hmmm…Thanks so much, ‘anonymous’.  Thanks for making me feel a little bit nauseous and pretty sad for a couple hours.  But here’s something you should know about me.  I have 10 dollars.  and a car.  and a mother-in-law who insisted I spend 2 hours with some old friends, Edward, Bella and Jacob, watching them battle immature bloodsuckers, much like yourself.  (Stop judging, Twilight is intellectually indefensible, but unapologetically addictive).  Since leaving the movie theater, i feel so much better.  You should be ashamed of yourself, anonymous.  This is my personal blog, its not the HGTV website where people spew hateful words all day long.  It’s just me….a person.  Shame on you.  
oh and by the way, ‘anonymous’ I’ve got a message for you.
In the words of Bella,


Fin Mark
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