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Alright folks.  As you know the show is up and running and will start airing in t-minus a few weeks – it hasn’t been announced yet, but as soon as it is you best believe this blog will blow it up, and if i get smart i’ll get somebody to make me a blog ‘button’ that counts it down to the day.  

For now, though i need more info from y’all about what styles you want to see, what tips you want to learn and if there are any DIY’s that you can suggest that would be fun to watch.  What do you feel like you aren’t getting from design shows that you would love to see?

In other news, I rewatched ‘The Proposal’ last night and i’d like to officially announce that ‘Ryan and Sandy’ () are the new ‘Ryan and Rachel’.  Not sure why it makes me so happy that they are officially together, but it does.  Am i alone on this one?

Fin Mark
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