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The Link Up: A Bold New Reveal, Sara & Julie’s Favorite (Cooking) YouTube Channel & A Great Holiday Jumpsuit

image via Clever by  | design by Dani Nagel, home of Dani Nagel & Phillip Butler

We know that holiday shopping is on everyone’s minds and screens this time of year, but the constant BUY THIS talk can be overwhelming. This week, we thought we’d lighten the product load and give you more of a “this is what we are reading/watching/enjoying this week” type of link up. That said, if you have some people still on your list left unaccounted for gift-wise (because who doesn’t), you can head over to our gift guide page and catch up on all the gift ideas we are loving this year. Now, let’s get to those EHD approved links:

We talk a LOT about gallery walls in the office and on the blog, so today’s home tour (via Clever) is a no brainer.

From Emily: “I want to call Studio DIY out for being bold and brave again in their house. They really went for it, and I absolutely appreciate it.”

Since we’ve been chatting about holiday party looks lately, here’s another one Mallory is a major fan of. Jumpsuit people, this one’s for you.

From Julie: “Bon Appétit’s Test Kitchen’s channel on YouTube is like the culinary version of The Office. All of the editors are so entertaining, they definitely know what they are doing to get you hooked because I watched over 3 hours straight of them making the perfect pizza. Another series that I became enthralled with was Claire’s ‘Makes Gourmet.’

Speaking of the BA Test Kitchen, Sara’s favorite series is “From The Test Kitchen” where they have all BA chefs showing recipes made step by step, which really breaks them down and makes the recipes feel super approachable. Plus they’re hilarious. I pretend all the BA chefs are my friends regularly.

From Veronica: “Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally aka Ron Swanson and Tammy 2 from Parks and Rec have a new podcast In Bed with Nick and Megan where they cozy up in their bed and talk to their famous friends. It’s so funny and entertaining and a great take on doing an intimate podcast”

From Velinda: “If you read Emily’s living room holiday reveal, you might have noticed the new secretary/hutch in her entry and it had me itching to find my own. You’ll find me scrolling through Chairish this weekend on the hunt.”

Need a beautiful book recommendation?? Then take a peek at Jess’ new favorite, Weekends by Kara Rosenlund. It’s an instant vacation that takes you on a visual getaway along with decor tips and what she has named the best prawn sandwich recipe. Since the author is Australian, Jess has no doubt it is just that.

Julie was Ryann’s secret Santa this year and she killed it by giving her the book Digital Minimalism. It is all about learning how to live positively and minimally (duh) in this age of technology full of constant distractions and social media. Ryann can’t put it down!

From Caitlin: “Fun fact: in a past life, I was a recording studio manager I have THE BEST GIFT SUGGESTION: an Orangewood guitar. They are SUPER WELL PRICED (like, truly, under $200 and PRO QUALITY) and if you’re a parent, friend, or family member who is like ‘yo, I have no idea what to scoop for my music loving child/friend/family member’, then please know that this one has a former music pro’s stamp of approval. (Also a bunch of famous rappers use Orangewood ukeleles which is super neat.)”

From Arlyn: “I’ve had a second earring hole for a while, abandoned, but I’m back into the whole multi-earring thing, and I recently got these huggies and I’m very very into them (the 9mm ones). They look and feel really high quality and I haven’t taken them off since they came in the mail.”

Well, there you have it. Same place and time tomorrow? Great, see you then. xx

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4 years ago

Now I want to know all about prawn sandwiches. Is it basically minced prawns in mayonnaise? Or something quirky and unexpected?

Mariya Zafirova
4 years ago

Wow! Looks amazing!

Mariya |

4 years ago

I love the featured home tour and the bold bathroom at Studio DIY! Both are great inspiration for doing color well. As much as I enjoy the white and neutrals everywhere, I’m a color person, so seeing great design with so much color is wonderful!

And thank you for the book recommendation, “Digital Minimalism”. I’ve put it on hold at my library, and I can’t wait to read it.

4 years ago

The desk in the top first photo. White with wood legs. Any idea where to find? I have fallen in love with it.
Thank you.

4 years ago
Reply to  PAppel

Just a layman here, but that honestly looks vintage. Or custom-made to appear vintage. 🙁

4 years ago

Digital Minimalism is great. So is Deep Work by same author (Cal Newport). If you like DM, How to do Nothing is another gem. Less ‘how to’ and more ontological. Really got me thinking big why questions in my life that subsequently changed how I engage the attention economy. Powerful stuff!

4 years ago

Yeepers, that blue bathroom was a little, um, intense? Maybe you have to see it in person?

4 years ago

Velinda – if you want a MCM secretary desk … I just scrolled Chairish and found one for $645, which seems pretty good given the average price for that style. I would buy it but I have no space 🙁

Florian Jann
4 years ago

Wow! I like these pillows,seems from MOCOFO.