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Emily Henderson

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by Emily Henderson


My living Room. Well, my living room  a couple months ago.  
Those pics were taken by Terilyn Fisher.  
Then I switched it up and did this: (crappy photo by me)
Clearly one photo is better styled and better lit, etc, the bottom one was with my point and shoot last week, sans flowers and with some lovely chords.  (and brians leg is randomnly in it).
 I switched out the hides to this black and white one that I got at an antique store ($200) and put the other hide in my bedroom.  Brian misses the warmth of the brown cowhide in here, but i much prefer this one.  And Brian likes the swiss flag more than the collection of weird black/grey art – some are crooked, i know. i was only trying it out.   
Ooh, and I found those nesting tables on the left side of the sofa at the flea market for 20 bucks, and they are staying because i love ’em.  Right now the flag is back up because Brian gets to win sometimes.  Like this:
What do you guys think?  Swiss flag or weird art?  The flag would go somewhere else, don’t worry, i’m not getting rid of it.  I think the collection of art is more sophisticated, but the cross is much more interesting.  
I can’t decide, i’m too close to it.  Its like how sometimes you need another parent or a friend to tell you how good or bad your children really are. 
 When you are emotionally involved with something, its hard to be objective. 
 Yes, maybe i do have a romantic relationship with my vintage pieces. 
and  yes, I’m ok with it. 
****UPDATE:  you guys are awesome.  You really should try out for a little old show called Design Star, cause some of you guys have some pretty good ideas. The flag is staying. And i’m reworking whats above the fireplace.  Thank you sooooooooooooooo much.


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