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Yep, it's all over……well not really…..


So, that happened.  Nuts, i know.  I’m crazy excited and so exhausted.  I took the day off yesterday to relax, i was pretty wrecked from sunday night.  We had a ton of people out to celebrate with us.  I’ll post some pics as soon as i get them.
My saratonin has plummeted, such a big build up and adrenaline rush – almost like a wedding.  I’m probably going to take today off again and go to the beach and relax.  because that’s what tv stars do.
Oh, and my ‘client’ (and friend) for the special is the co-creator of Glee, Ian Brennan, so if you like Glee you best be spreading the word about that.  He’s hilarious and awesome.  And single, for all the ladies out there.  Just sayin’.
So a lot is going to change here.  The blog is going to transform a bit (it will still be a daily style blog), but we are still working out the details.
But for now, thank you guys sooooooooo much for all the support.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.  You feel vulnerable when you are on national TV, and some people you can never win over.  So having this kind of fan base that has supported me long before Design Star means a lot.



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