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Wonderful Store in LA: Inheritance

Quite the weekend, folks. I think that I worked 80 percent of it, BUT working means going to the flea market so I seriously can’t complain about that too much. Although at hour 7 when the crowds are huge, the wallet is drained, our feet are blistered, so in 95 degree full sun weather, trying to find all our purchases and coordinate delivery definitely feels like work. Trust me.  Thank you very much Brady and Ginny for working all day. The first half of the day is just so fun, but the second can be a bit brutal. But we all live to shop another flea market.

And man, we got some good stuff for the book styling. This week we are in studio shooting 24 vignettes of furniture/accessories, all curated/designed by me. The amount of stuff/options we need for that is kinda unfathomable. Luckily I’m borrowing from some of my generous and stylish friends including one of my favorite stores in LA,  Inheritance. So here is a little feature/call out to thank you, Michael.

This store is so refreshing to me because it feels more like a New York vintage store, with weird primitive antiques, more old world found objects and lots of curiosities. It ain’t cheap (I like to warn people), but its special and inspiring and there is always a thing or two that I can walk away with. It’s so well curated that even if you don’t walk away with a purchase (support small businesses if you can!) even how he styled it and designed the store is inspiring.

Inheritance 2

It’s on Beverly blvd near West Hollywood. The owner is named Michael Andrews and he is extremely lovely and like myself, also has a thing for miniatures. Two of my favorite things that I’ve purchased from him are my antique birdcage wooden ladder and my miniature wood oxford shoe. They have graced soooo many shots its crazy.

Anyway, if you are in LA and want to rummage through pretty things check out Inheritance. 8055 Beverly blvd. Or if you just want to follow along from afar you can follow on instagram or check out a profile of him on Chairish site.

Happy monday, folks.

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