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The Link Up: Em’s Viral “Liquid Glass” Face Mask, Arlyn’s Heavenly Recipe, And Our New Favorite Mirror

Happy Sunday everyone! We had a BIG design week in Portland for some exciting things coming up (sorry to be a tease but we just want you to know THINGS ARE HAPPENING!) Aside from that we are patiently awaiting getting to be in Mexico for a few days together. Yes, Emily is the best boss and really knows how to pick a place for brainstorming. 22 days and for sure not counting:) Links?? Let’s go!

This week’s house tour is one we’ve been talking about all week! Our beloved Pierce & Ward designed Emma Roberts house and it’s a cozy, warm, layered space. How do you all feel about it??

From Emily: I finally tried the viral face mask that “makes your face look like liquid glass”. After traveling (where I do NOT stick to my routine and my face gets so dry and angry) I came home and looked in the mirror and apologized hard to my skin. So I put on the mask which you are supposed to wear for 3-4 hours minimum (best overnight). I went to be in it and pulled it off 1/2 way through the night (it bugged me while sleeping) but y’all, my skin was so bouncy and full (in a good way). EXTREMELY moisturizing. Two days later my skin is still very happy, so it’s definitely in my Sunday repertoire now (and will likely just do it while I’m cleaning the house or watching something as sleeping overnight in it wasn’t my jam).

From Mallory: A friend of a friend started an electric wine opener company called Vin Fresco so I decided to try it out and MAN why have I not had one of these bad boys sooner??? Gone are the days when you accidentally stab yourself with a wine opener because this thing makes opening wine so insanely easy. You literally push a button and the cork comes right out without the MMA fight that is normally you versus the cork. I have it in black but it comes in a lot of other fun colors too. A great Mother’s Day gift if I do say so myself…

Lily | Jenny | Alla

PSA: This week, our friends at Blueprint Lighting are holding a massive 25% off sale/fundraiser with 100% of profits going to the Environmental Defense Fund! Isn’t that INCREDIBLE? The sale kicks off on Wednesday and runs through Friday (details here) and it’s an awesome opportunity to grab some show-stopping lighting while doing good for the earth. We’re especially partial to this floral-inspired sconce, this chic industrial sconce (the chain! So cool!), this gorgeous, organic modern pendant, and these unbelievably cool sconces, inspired by mid-century French design. We actually used one of these fixtures in the River House – any guesses as to which one?

From Jess: I think I can say that this will be my last hair product rec for at least a few weeks. But it’s all that I’m buying right now! Ok, are you a fine-haired person like myself? Well, apparently certain oils are better for different-sized hair follicles which, of course, makes sense. I was using an inexpensive one that I liked but was leaving my scalp a little itchy. So then I was recommended this one from Fable & Mane that I bought during the Sephora Sale. I was told it’s better for fine hair and so far no itchiness! It could all be marketing (of which I’m a sucker for) but I did see a friend last weekend who I hadn’t seen in months, if not a year, and unprompted she asked what I was doing with my hair because it looked a lot thicker! Now that it’s officially been three months I feel like I’m really seeing a difference:)

From Caitlin: I’m sorry – is this the world’s cutest summer jumpsuit, or is it just me? (PSST. Check the reviews – it’s not just me.) I thought this would be kind of boxy or shapeless or that the bow up top would add a little too much volume, but guys…it’s SO FREAKIN’ CUTE, and it’s surprisingly kind of flattering on! I’m obsessed with the cheery gingham print, but could imagine that those who prefer neutrals could rock the black version year-round. I got an XL and found it to be a little big around my midsection (not complaining – it’s like built-in air conditioning, TBH) but perfectly sized around my chest, hips, and thighs. Grabbed it a few weeks ago and I can’t wait to wear it for July 4th this year!!!

Topia Mantel Mirror | Topia Floor Mirror

Ginny (the OG EHD alum) has two new mirrors with Lulu and Georgia and they are as awesome as you’d expect! It comes in a wall or mantle size and both come in black or natural wood tones.

From Arlyn: Have you ever had an arepa? Or rather, have you ever *made* an arepa? OMG IT’S ABSOLUTELY HEAVEN. While I typically leave the arepa goodness to my local Venezuelan eatery that I frequent, I decided to try my hand at a new version (I make them often-ish at home just not with so many bells and whistles). This recipe for an arepa “reina papiada” was super easy and outrageously tasty. It’s basically shredded chicken breast (you can buy rotisserie which makes it even faster), mayo, lime, onion, cilantro, and avocado stuffed inside a savory corn pocket and it’ll make you so happy, I promise.

From Gretchen: A couple weeks ago I ran into Target and two things happened. 1) I found a super cute new dress! I like the way it hangs, roomy and not clinging to any part of me, with a really nice structure thanks to the cotton-poplin material. The shoulders are cute, I love the deeper v-neckline and the skirt is fun and girly. All things I had to discover once I got home because… 2) Target’s power went out while I was in the dressing room. Suddenly, I was half naked in total darkness, unable to see even my hand out in front of me, let alone the dress! After feeling my way around for my phone’s flashlight, I threw my shirt on (inside-out), gathered up what I hoped were some cute looks, and made my way to the register, which was thankfully running on their backup generator. All this to say, I took a gamble on the dress and I’m really glad I did!

Thanks for stopping by and see ya tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by ARCIFORM | Styled by Emily Henderson | Photo by Kaitlin Green | From: An Epic PNW Coastal Patio Reveal (With Insane Architecture By ARCIFORM)

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28 days ago

lol Gretchen you must have been in the Target near my yoga studio yesterday morning because all the power in Montavilla just… went out!

27 days ago

The fireplace mirror is gorgeous. I also would like the candle holders… where can those be found?

27 days ago

I LOVE the house tour! Totally my jam.
And arepas are awesome.

27 days ago
Reply to  Paula

Arepas are awesome! 🙂