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Wish I was here. Or, really just wishing I had a maid. And personal masseuse.


I’m grumpy, grumpy, grumpy.  Like a little gremlin.  I just want to stomp around and mock everything I see – Brian, my cat, Regis and Kelly, mainly Kelly.  Oh yeah kelly, you have a big head and man-ceps.  Shut up, and, yea right, bearcat, get a job.  Why don’t you lay around and meow some more.  Lazy cat.


These pictures are kinda helping, but it makes me grumpy that they aren’t mine, and that I’m not there.  I start a big job this week which i’m grateful for, but wishing I could just lay around and watch HGTV and old episodes of Once and Again.

Can’t get enough florals right now, or ever, really.  These pics makes me want to travel –  old weird architecture just doesn’t exist too often in these here United States, unfortunately.


Off to yoga, hoping it will help.  Sorry such a lame post.  I’m lame. Don’t judge.  You’re probably lame too, sometimes.  deal.


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