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Wish I was here


I want that bed to be mine, i want to be in it again, i want that tray on my bed and that food in my mouth,

maybe a cat or husband to cuddle with, and an old episode of veronica mars on my white flatscreen next to my bed – when are they going to make small white flatscreens?

I wish i could take credit for both pictures, more appropriately i wish I could give credit – i don’t remember where I pulled them from. (most likely coco & kelley or the city sage) but, me likey, mucho.  this bed reminds me that not only is it ok that i don’t have matching lamps on the sides of my bed, but perhaps i don’t even want them.  balance without symmetry, always good to keep in mind.
off to a shoot in the valley….o.m.g.  11 am call time btw.  that’s how we do it in LA…er sometimes…unless its sunrise at the beach which is also not a bad way to start the day…



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