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Win this Nursery, from The Land of Nod

How awesome would it be if instead of designing and buying everything for your nursery, you receive all you need in the mail? Pretty much as awesome as the new Rachel McAdams movie looks — VERY. Well in this month’s Land of Nod catalog there is this pretty awesome contest:

photo by Angela Kohler

With Charlie/Oliver/Starke on his way (yes, we are getting VERY close on the name but I’m not ready to commit), I obviously have been thinking about the baby room and how I am going to decorate that adorable little cave of happiness. It’s on my brain along with ‘Will this tiny bow-tie choke him?’ or ‘How will he look with hot pink shoelaces in his leather Oxfords, ‘ and other such pressing questions.

Meanwhile you all know that I am a massive fan of The Land of Nod and have used their product many times, specifically in this makeover and this makeover to name a few. So they asked me to design a nursery using their products for one lucky winner to win, and I said, ‘With pleasure.’

land of nod emily henderson

All of those pieces can be yours. It’s a nursery in a box, totally designed, coordinated, and picked out by yours truly. I love everything in that mood board (and have even ordered that crib for myself). I think it’s happy and playful, like his/her childhood should be, but not annoying, like your life should be. It’s calm enough that he/she isn’t going to get crazy overstimulated, but exciting enough that you’ll want to spend time in there. Plus I made it gender neutral so your little one, girl or boy, can be happy.

To enter the contest go HERE. It’s a random selection and once you win you’ll get EVERYTHING in that mood board. Everything. Cross one thing off your list. Nursery? Done.

Now just have the baby … And also raise it to be a kind and yet motivated human being. That’s all. 🙂


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