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Win a free makeover by me and my team!!!!!

Do you have a room suffering from S.A.D.? Does it know that winter is approaching and life is about to get dark and cold and full of unusually early holiday episodes or reruns of bad sitcoms? Is it sighing heavily every time you walk through the door, whimpering at every early sunset, being strangely passive aggressive to your cats?

Well, one of you is about to win a HAPPY SHINY makeover by me and Decorview to help brighten and enliven your room – we’ll cure all of you and your rooms winter depression before the holidays with some vintage happiness. Consider it a big old holiday gift from me and Decorview to you. ‘Tis the season (almost).

photo by Zeke Ruelas


So before you think Oh i don’t need a makeover, I won’t bother entering i’d like to introduce you to some of my friends, some former makeovers to remind you how satisfying a makeover can truly be. It’s what I live for, it’s all I want to do in the world and that’s coming from me, the one actually doing the work. How happy are YOU going to be just sitting their, reading your new Domino Magazine and getting your room totally redesigned, all Henderson style? VERY HAPPY, I guarantee it.

Before and After Makeover
after photo by Bethany Nauert

Ian’s house. An oldie but a goodie. Still one of my favorite spaces that I spend way too many late nights in. See more of his living and dining room, TV room and master bedroom.

And then there was the confused LA bungalow that needed a style diagnostic:

Before and After Makeover
after photo by Zeke Ruelas

Wildly better, and that was just a 1 day makeover  (well, not including design time).  See more of that makeover here.

Before and After Makeover
after photo by David Tsay

That is still one of my favorite makeovers with one of my favorite families ever. See more of their house here.

Or what about this one; no construction and barely any paint, yet total transformation:

Before and After Makeover
after photo by Zeke Ruelas

See more of that makeover (with resources): Joy’s Studio ‘Living Room’, Joy’s kitchen, Joy’s storage.

Or Fran’s Senior Living makeover in her bedroom which went from shabby and bland to sunny and calm.

Before and After Makeover

So much happier, for that happy lady. See more of that makeover here, from Sunrise Living.

You want to win this free makeover. TRUST ME. I mean, I would faint of happiness if someone forced me to style my house the way that me and my time style our makeovers – just the sheer time, effort, love and joy that goes into it is a total luxury that I wish everyone could have, but very few get.

Don’t you want to be someone who gets a free makeover by a designer (namely me and my team)? Because I do.

All you have to do is enter (with pics and a description/bio) on the Decorview facebook page.

What is Decorview you ask? Its a new (well, new to retail – previously just for designers) window treatment service. Basically a consultant comes to your house and helps you design each window treatment for each window – the style (roman? curtain? shade? motorized?) the finish (linen? silk? wood? blackout?), the color, etc. And then they measure, fabricate, install and guarantee. Oh the hours of my life I could have back. Not to mention the tears.

There are very few things I hate doing in my job, let me go ahead and tell you about 2 of them:

1. Dealing with rug pads. I want nothing to do with them. Often it means you have to pull up ALL Of the furniture, pull up the rug, and unwrap this disgusting textured thing, replace the rug which takes FOREVER to get out all the wrinkles and make them perfect, and then rearrange the furniture. Its often hours worth of work for NO VISUAL DIFFERENCE. Insanely unsatifsying.

2. Dealing with window treatments. I hate it. Sure, I love picking out the fabric. Fine, thats the pretty stuff. But beyond that it ruins my day. The measuring is boring as you have to be really accurate, – you have to make sure it kisses without puddling too much or floating too high. And don’t forget to calculate in the measurement for the rings or clips, and then unless its been pre-washed you have think about the fact that it will stretch and fall as it hangs – so what doesn’t look like  a puddle on day 1 will look like a puddle on day 3. It all just makes you want to labotomize the person that invented curtains.  Except we need them or our weird neighbors that is constnatly outside my window ‘detailing his car’ NIGHTLY would see Bearcat and I in what looks like intimate moments.

So Decorview does it all for you. And yes, i’m using this service for me. Its not cheap, no, but neither are window treatments in general. You think ready made curtains are inexpensive but after you buy them, buy the hardware, rings, etc and spend 9 hours trying to hang them perfectly (anchors, levels, and all forms of torture devises involved) you realize that they were in fact kinda expensive and so laborious.

So one lucky winner, in addition to the mix of vintage and new furnishings that i’ll bring into the makeover, you will get all new custom window treatments in that room. Whatever you want, stylistically, functionally … anything.

The only parameters are that the room has to have windows, as this is sponsored by a window treatment company. Oh and that you are open to my style – you’ll have some involvement but it will be a whirlwind makeover, so don’t expect to control this so much. Just like on the show you’ll be diagnosed, get a TON of input, and then we’ll do our magic.

Before and After Makeover
photo by Zeke Ruelas

To enter go to their facebook page, upload photos of your room with the description of why you need or deserve this makeover. The decision will be made my the DecorView team. But if I were to give you hints on how to win i’d say to tell us your story – no one is beyond a good old fashioned emotional story, upload pics that show your space as ‘needy’ but ‘has potential’. AKA if we can’t really see the space then they won’t know what we are getting into. Take big pulled back photos of the room, but don’t bother exactly trying to make it look good.  Also If you don’t need this yourself, this would be a FANTASTIC gift to give someone in your life that is dying for a makeover, right? Methinks, yes. Nominate someone you know.

Good Luck, folks. I’m very excited to meet and work with one of you VERY soon.  Enter HERE. 

This post is in partnership with Decorview, but all designs, thought and words are mine.

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