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Win a free makeover by me and my team!!!!!

Do you have a room suffering from S.A.D.? Does it know that winter is approaching and life is about to get dark and cold and full of unusually early holiday episodes or reruns of bad sitcoms? Is it sighing heavily every time you walk through the door, whimpering at every early sunset, being strangely passive aggressive to your cats?

Well, one of you is about to win a HAPPY SHINY makeover by me and Decorview to help brighten and enliven your room – we’ll cure all of you and your rooms winter depression before the holidays with some vintage happiness. Consider it a big old holiday gift from me and Decorview to you. ‘Tis the season (almost).

Before and After Makeover
photo by Zeke Ruelas


So before you think Oh i don’t need a makeover, I won’t bother entering i’d like to introduce you to some of my friends, some former makeovers to remind you how satisfying a makeover can truly be. It’s what I live for, it’s all I want to do in the world and that’s coming from me, the one actually doing the work. How happy are YOU going to be just sitting their, reading your new Domino Magazine and getting your room totally redesigned, all Henderson style? VERY HAPPY, I guarantee it.

Before and After Makeover
after photo by Bethany Nauert

Ian’s house. An oldie but a goodie. Still one of my favorite spaces that I spend way too many late nights in. See more of his living and dining room, TV room and master bedroom.

And then there was the confused LA bungalow that needed a style diagnostic:

Before and After Makeover
after photo by Zeke Ruelas

Wildly better, and that was just a 1 day makeover  (well, not including design time).  See more of that makeover here.

Before and After Makeover
after photo by David Tsay

That is still one of my favorite makeovers with one of my favorite families ever. See more of their house here.

Or what about this one; no construction and barely any paint, yet total transformation:

Before and After Makeover
after photo by Zeke Ruelas

See more of that makeover (with resources): Joy’s Studio ‘Living Room’, Joy’s kitchen, Joy’s storage.

Or Fran’s Senior Living makeover in her bedroom which went from shabby and bland to sunny and calm.

Before and After Makeover

So much happier, for that happy lady. See more of that makeover here, from Sunrise Living.

You want to win this free makeover. TRUST ME. I mean, I would faint of happiness if someone forced me to style my house the way that me and my time style our makeovers – just the sheer time, effort, love and joy that goes into it is a total luxury that I wish everyone could have, but very few get.

Don’t you want to be someone who gets a free makeover by a designer (namely me and my team)? Because I do.

All you have to do is enter (with pics and a description/bio) on the Decorview facebook page.

What is Decorview you ask? Its a new (well, new to retail – previously just for designers) window treatment service. Basically a consultant comes to your house and helps you design each window treatment for each window – the style (roman? curtain? shade? motorized?) the finish (linen? silk? wood? blackout?), the color, etc. And then they measure, fabricate, install and guarantee. Oh the hours of my life I could have back. Not to mention the tears.

There are very few things I hate doing in my job, let me go ahead and tell you about 2 of them:

1. Dealing with rug pads. I want nothing to do with them. Often it means you have to pull up ALL Of the furniture, pull up the rug, and unwrap this disgusting textured thing, replace the rug which takes FOREVER to get out all the wrinkles and make them perfect, and then rearrange the furniture. Its often hours worth of work for NO VISUAL DIFFERENCE. Insanely unsatifsying.

2. Dealing with window treatments. I hate it. Sure, I love picking out the fabric. Fine, thats the pretty stuff. But beyond that it ruins my day. The measuring is boring as you have to be really accurate, – you have to make sure it kisses without puddling too much or floating too high. And don’t forget to calculate in the measurement for the rings or clips, and then unless its been pre-washed you have think about the fact that it will stretch and fall as it hangs – so what doesn’t look like  a puddle on day 1 will look like a puddle on day 3. It all just makes you want to labotomize the person that invented curtains.  Except we need them or our weird neighbors that is constnatly outside my window ‘detailing his car’ NIGHTLY would see Bearcat and I in what looks like intimate moments.

So Decorview does it all for you. And yes, i’m using this service for me. Its not cheap, no, but neither are window treatments in general. You think ready made curtains are inexpensive but after you buy them, buy the hardware, rings, etc and spend 9 hours trying to hang them perfectly (anchors, levels, and all forms of torture devises involved) you realize that they were in fact kinda expensive and so laborious.

So one lucky winner, in addition to the mix of vintage and new furnishings that i’ll bring into the makeover, you will get all new custom window treatments in that room. Whatever you want, stylistically, functionally … anything.

The only parameters are that the room has to have windows, as this is sponsored by a window treatment company. Oh and that you are open to my style – you’ll have some involvement but it will be a whirlwind makeover, so don’t expect to control this so much. Just like on the show you’ll be diagnosed, get a TON of input, and then we’ll do our magic.

Before and After Makeover
photo by Zeke Ruelas

To enter go to their facebook page, upload photos of your room with the description of why you need or deserve this makeover. The decision will be made my the DecorView team. But if I were to give you hints on how to win i’d say to tell us your story – no one is beyond a good old fashioned emotional story, upload pics that show your space as ‘needy’ but ‘has potential’. AKA if we can’t really see the space then they won’t know what we are getting into. Take big pulled back photos of the room, but don’t bother exactly trying to make it look good.  Also If you don’t need this yourself, this would be a FANTASTIC gift to give someone in your life that is dying for a makeover, right? Methinks, yes. Nominate someone you know.

Good Luck, folks. I’m very excited to meet and work with one of you VERY soon.  Enter HERE. 

This post is in partnership with Decorview, but all designs, thought and words are mine.

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  1. So the reason why I need a complete room make over is because I have a blow up mattress and I’m really tired of it and I would love if you can makeover my room. I just wanna feel like a teenager. I just wanna have a teenager room. I would like to have my friends spend tonight at my house with out me having to make up a lie why they can’t come over. I wanna stop the lies that’s why I would like for a complete room make over please I need it badly. If you can make my wish come true I will be the happiest girl ever.

    Aeriyona Summers

  2. Hi,
    I am a pro bono advocate for a 17 year old born with serious medical problems. I have been her friend since she’s 2. Linda had a transplant at age three, numerous surgeries, but is smart and effervescent. She’s lived in hospitals the last 4 years as her parents split up and can’t care for her.

    The Hospital where Linda currently resides is looking to place her in medical foster care. I am considering having Linda live with me. I do have an old and dated bedroom Linda could have in my home. I was wondering if you would grant Linda a free make-over of this room to make her feel like a princess.

    I can supply any information you require.


    Katie Capitulo RN
    . S

    1. I was gonna enter but after seeing this comment I decided that I would rather have you win the free makeover

  3. Im not allowed to have a facebook, and I really dont want ine either. So I cant enter. I have a bed and desk with a computer tht i cant even hook up. I hate my room. Ibe been wnting to paint my walls and get wooden floors with a nice fluffy sofrt blue one. Blue is my favorite color so thats wha i love. Some people might call me ungrateful, but i cant help it. Id just pass out if i one. I want this experience so bad. I also tuned 13 not too long ago so im trying to up my game a little. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  4. I need a room Makeover my room is a mess and its small and I do not have space for anything and I really need a new room and I need at least a computer or something but sadly I got nothing so posse help me thank you bye

  5. The reason I need a room makeover is because right now my room is just really plain with no color and it just doesn’t fm reflect my personality. I just want to have my room be like the one I want to give me the space I need to be a teenager especially through high school. Somewhere I can have my friends over and be proud of.

  6. I need a combined room for me and a nursery for twins a boy and a girl please

  7. Hi I’m a 11 year old boy and I really need a room make over everything is just right to me I need help and me and my family have heard over 10 people talk about you I live in Memphis TN and I really need your help please email me ??

  8. Plzz I live in Florida and I really need a room makeover and my family does not have enough money to do it

  9. Hi, I’m a teenage girl who currently has a small bedroom and the bed that I have now I’ve had since I was 6 or 7 i am now 15 and in my house there are 7 people soon to be more in a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house I need a little get away from all of the people and the craziness especially since I’m in high school please help me

  10. My husband and I are elderly and unable to do work anymore in remodeling- WE cannot lug and lift.. Our bedroom is badly in need of dry walls and ceiling and the floor. We have our own furniture. And someone to finish the tile in the bathroom that was removed when the walk in tub was put in. And a little area above the tub with dry wall and lattes ceiling. Just simple and easy to clean.

  11. My husband and I have catered to every room but our own and were missing that master bedroom of serenity and solitude. We’re at wit ends on how to make that happen and with a family of 5…pretty budget conscious too

  12. I really need a new makeover for my bedroom it’s so old and I want it took look nice for my daughter please give me a makeover

  13. My name is belle i am 12 years old and i need a room makeover so bad! My bedroom had the same furniture since i was 4-5, my walls are a ugly beige color, i have to use a old school desk, and my bedding is a hammi down, and i cant stand it. I also am missing handles on my dresser, plus i dont have a headboard so my pillows fall theough the crack. We just moved into a house i will probaly be living in the house until i go to college and i need a room i like. I spend all my time in my bedroom, and I want a room makeover so bad. I have never had one before, and i need one so bad. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me out and give me a room makeover. My family cant afprd it and I have never wanted something so badly before for so bad.

  14. I need a new bathroom desperately. My tub is blue and the tile on the wall has small gold specs. I just hate it :(. My house was a fixer upper but I just can’t get everything fixed. Please help !!

  15. I am beyond desperate and I hope you will please consider me. I need this room makeover not for me; for my boyfriend. He lives with his uncle and grandmother along with tenants. His room is in the basement and he shares it with his dog and cat, both of which shed. His walls are stained and peeling, he has a disgusting carpet and I strongly believe there is mold underneath which could be dangerous, and currently his room is flooded due to some sort of leak with his boiler. Basically if you have ever seen Hoarders, that is his room. He is eighteen and commuting to college, as well as myself. His friends and myself have tried many times to clean up his room but it always gets so messy. I can’t even begin to describe to you how horrible it smells down there. Him and I barely go to his house because he is just so embarrassed of his room. He’s barely home due to his part time job, school, seeing me and sometimes going to the gym so he doesn’t really have time to worry about cleaning either. He expresses to me over and over how he hates living like this and even asked me for help to look for a new place for him. Honestly, there is no apartment nor room nor house that will rent to him for barely $200 so he’s stuck there till he’s out of school and with a real job. I’ve bought him air freshener and candles but not even the strongest scent could be noticed in his disaster. Right now, some family friends and his father are trying to do whatever they can about pulling up the floors and fixing the water situation but honestly he doesn’t have money for what he wants to do to fix his room and they look like they need all the help he can get. It’s been difficult ever since his mother passed away last year and I just want him to have this one thing to make him happy because it’s put on a noticeable amount of stress on him that he really doesn’t need. I hope you will help me help him. Thank you for taking the time to read what I had to say. My email is prettykitty832@yahoo.com and if you reply back I can even send photos of what his room is now.

  16. Due to recent flood my downstairs is “gutted” and now needs restoring. The area consists of bedroom, family room, powder room, storage area( really want to add this to bedroom to create a master bedroom suite with bathroom and walk in closet) and laundry. Thank you.

  17. Due to the recent flood my downstairs area is now “gutted” and needs restoring. This area consists of a bedroom, family room, powder room, storage room (really want to add this area to bedroom to enlarge into a master bedroom suite with walk in closet and bedroom with outside door to lead to a small patio for tea in the mornings. Thank you.

  18. Hi — I’m not sure if you are still having this makeover, but on my married daughters suggestion, I am sending you this email out of desperation. My daughter came over my house(apartment) and we were talking in my bedroom and I happened to mention to her that there is not ONE thing in this bedroom that I wouldn’t throw out. I never had any window treatments, and the only thing I decorate and can afford is the ironing board cover that is out all the time in my bedroom(like a piece of furniture). It is soooo unrelaxing when I retire to my room after working 10 hours a day and unfortunately could never make it the way I dream of it being looking at other people’s bedroom. I never let anyone come in there(except my children and my grandchild). They know I keep a clean house, but any money goes to bills, etc. I’m 65(told I look and act younger for my age) and would LOVE to experience a REAL BEDROOM. Hope you don’t think I’m crazy for emailing this, just DESPERATE!. P.S. I live on Long Island. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Sandy Kraidman

  19. Me and my boyfriend are pergnant ! unfortunately need to share the room with our baby that’s coming up and I have no idea how to make space I feel like everything is clutter enough we sleep on a queen size tall air mattress and on top of that we also have two inside cat but I made the closet into their own little room in it also has a window I would have them outside but their to scared and run inside witch we I don’t mind I was thinking just to have a glass door their so our baby could be able to watch them play , and yes they have outside time they love going for walks just not to be left alone outside , but yeah I wanted to have our room a safe and roomy place for my hubby baby cats and I but I just don’t know how and don’t have the money 🙁

    1. Omg I misspelled so much but I hope you can understand 🙁

  20. My mom is a single mom so she could never give us the dream room we wanted an i hoping this would help

  21. My mom is a single mom so she could never give us the dream room we wanted an i hoping this would help an maybe i can have a sleep over. With friend

  22. My mom is a single mom so she could never give us the dream room we wanted an i hoping this would help an maybe i can have a sleep over. With friends an don’t make up lies about why they cant come over

  23. this is not a joke me and my daughter live in a coop apartment and we were ripped off by a fake contractor we were having the kitchen and bathroom done over and he left my place a complete mess for over eight thousand dollars it took us almost two years to save this money and the courts and justice system has let us down we live in brooklyn new york and my place has been like this for over two years i lost her mother my spouse to cancer in 2013 she was a nurse that saved lives i feel bad as a dad that i have to bring my daughter back to this living condition she deserves better my daughter is a member of the national junior honor society and a member of the academic honor roll and membership is based on scholarship, leadership,service,and character. i live pay check to pay check i have lost faith in the justice system and society as a hole maybe you can help us or you know someone that can my daughter is going to be a hard working decent member that society will be proud off regards mr george lennon god bless you.

  24. Hello my name is Mary Horsley I am 35 years old. We been living in are house for 10 years. My Husband been fighting his second round of brain tumor cancer. He is on chemo for a year. We been trying to fix are house up for 10 year. But we can’t do it do to the money. It would be so nice to have are house looking nice. We live in Gary IN . Thanks again Mary

  25. I wish Emily Henderson would help me decorate my Habitat Home.

  26. My downstairs need a big makeover, my son spend most is his time down there, please help use

  27. My room is plain and I want to add some tumbler effect to if (if you know what I mean) like teen girl rooms are this year in 2016 it is hard to fit in and your room should be fab even if your not

  28. My name is Diane White my mother name is Eva Mae White she’s in a nursing home can’t talk Walk or move her arms my mother is just like a baby and I would like to bring her home but I need some help on her house I love my mother I want to bring her back to her house if I could please get some help thank you and God bless

  29. I have a small bungalow and can’t afford to have it redone..is there a chance for someone to help me.This is my ugly house..I live alone and would love to have the comfort I desevre

  30. I totally need a roommakeover cuz it just looks so tacky and yea I need one ??

  31. Where” Dreams” become a reality! I am still holding on to Hope. that one day this dark room will be ‘Shiny and Happy’. It’s an overwhelming Need, Depressing and can only just wait to be chosen, then to tell my story, uncertainties can become realities. Thank you for considering me..

  32. Dear Emily,
    My name is Thea. I live alone with my pittbull rescue Jewels. in a studio apartment in Tucson, AZ. My apartment needs help from paint on the walls to the carpet on the floor, and everything in between. I am 42 years old and am working on so many things in my life to change directions and becoming more flourishing living away from my children and family. I was attending the local college but deal with severe PTSD and anxiety and have had to step away from it for the time being. My goals are very achievable in my life that I would like to obtain in order to be getting the most out of life. Fixing up my studio apartment is very much one of them so that I’m inspired everyday to thrive. I have a walk in closet that is a mess. But I do have French doors and live upstairs with a balcony. I just don’t know where to start or what to do. And I’m on a really tight budget. I hope you can help.
    Thea DeLuisa

  33. Hi my name Maricela and I honestly really need a room makeover. My room looks horrible and it really has no style. The problem is my mother can’t take the risk because she’s getting layed off of work and her boyfriend has a sucky job. For years I’ve really wanted my room to look my age but it’s so blah. My friends don’t really like spending the night because the floor is so stained and gross.

  34. I need a room makover because my room has been pink with butterflys my whole life and going into my junior year of highschool i would really like to make it look more “adultish”. My twin bed has gotten rather small for me and most of the paint in my room has chipped or has scuff marks. If I could get a room makover it would make me incredibly happy and make my year.


  35. Hi I would love for my mum I love to have her dream home and have everything fixed for her and just have a wee make over

  36. Hi my name is Natalie . i really want a complete make over reason being is my house is full theres a total of 12 people living in my house and when i come home i enter my room and i just stare at it and imagine how great it would be to have a makeover my mom and dad helped us get where we are we moved from california to georgia its been 12 years now when we moved we had nothing we just wanted a better life we didnt wanna suffer no more when we moved to ga we started from nothing and we are grateful because of where we are at now now that is why i wanna be grateful to win his thank you .