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Win $500 worth of vintage furniture from Chairish

As someone with severe hoarding tendancies I’m constantly looking for new ways to buy and sell used furniture. Craigslist is obviously a great option except for the one million things about it that can be annoying  — namely the spammers, random people coming to your house (who strangely never bring enough cash), and it being only local when often I know I can get so much more for the pieces if I could get more national eyes on them. Normally what I have to sell is worth actual money and Craigslist isn’t really the market for that. But don’t worry, CL, I do love you as you can see by all my trolling craigslist posts.

Well, here comes to rectify this just terrible situation. Chairish is a website where you can list your vintage or just used (but quality) pieces on, upload the pics, dimensions, etc., and sell nationally. Every item is vetted by Anna, their founder, so don’t worry, you aren’t filtering through 289 used 2003 Ikea futons to get to that Milo Baughman chair.

They ship nationally — the shipping quote is calculated upon checkout — and if you are a seller it gives you the option of storing the pieces yourself OR if you live in LA or San Francisco (more to come soon … all info here) they’ll pick up from your house, store them for you, and ship direct from their storage unit — aka, no randoms coming to your house. You can kinda customize the extent of their services and obviously the more you want them to do, the higher the commission they take. It’s up to you. These services range from a 20 percent commission to a 50 percent commission (which is what I did because I’m selling 30 pieces).

Meanwhile, until my sale (September 26th) check out what is on their site right now that I want. Be warned: These are NOT Craigslist prices but they aren’t 1st dibs either. It’s kinda somewhere in the middle.

1. 1967 Abstract Painting by Margarita Gibbons: Oh yes, I do love this piece of art — so graphic, modern, and bold.

2. Velvet Mid-Century Palm Beach Chairs: There are 10 of these, folks, and that NEVER happens. I’m very tempted to snag these, but I am without confirmation of a new house so that’s probably not ideal …

3. Gold Bamboo Floor Lamps: Standing lamps are expensive and it’s rare to find good ones; two facts that mostly designers know. So while these are flooring me (pun intended) by being the most stylish things ever, they are just really good for a really pretty and simple pair.

4. Art Deco Swank: I need these for The Fig House project … REAL bad.

5.Vintage Walnut Executive Desk By Jens Risom: What a man’s desk, no? Normally this shape is in the form of a big metal finish, so I love that this one is beautiful wood.

6. 1940’s Italian Lounge Chairs: SO pretty and elegant but with an edge. Grab those suckers.

Chairish Vintage Sofas Art and Table
7. Ligne Roset Pumpkin Sofa: Whoever uploaded this piece wasn’t able to capture the weird and beautiful that is this pumpkin sofa. It’s such a statement piece, totally weird and sculptural, and reeking of amazing Italian design.

8. Mixed Media Art Piece by Sandra Rowe: Large scale weirdness. So pretty.

9. Piano Chair by Max Gottschalk: And now to just buy a piano. So awesome.

10. Blue Velvet Sofa:  In this picture the sofa looks asymmetrical but it actually isn’t (click the link). It’s pretty amazing. It might be ’80s or ’30s — I don’t know, but it’s screaming of art deco style.

11. Arata Isozaki Prints in Gold Frames: These are pretty simple and pretty, especially for the price.

12. Paul McCobb for Calvin Leather Cocktail Table: The picture of this doesn’t do it justice. It’s Paul McCobb and leather. I’ll take four.

To view all of these pieces together and get more info on all of them, go HERE. Careful not to drool on your keyboard.

More importantly, who wants $500 worth of credit towards one of these vintage pieces? I do. They are nice enough to give away a bunch of dough to a reader who can then put it toward anything on the site. You just have to enter the sweepstakes HERE by September 19th (disclosure HERE).

chairish sweepstakes

You can use that $500 toward any of the items on their site now, like those pieces I chose (if they are available) OR save it for the first installment of my moving sale on September 26th, which begs the question, “Emily, Emily WHAT ARE YOU SELLING???”

Good question. Yes, those two leather chairs and my cross flag, above, but also these bad boys below and 23 other pieces:

chairish sneak peek

It’s a lot of good pieces that I really like, nay, LOVE, but for one reason or another probably aren’t going to work in the new space. So a girl’s gotta purge and y’all can witness my hoarding self-intervention on Chairish.

Again, to enter the sweepstakes to win the $500, go HERE …  And to check out all my favorite pieces from Chairish right now, go HERE. Meanwhile put September 26th and October 10th on your calendar — those are my two moving sale dates on the site. These pieces aren’t going to purge themselves … 🙂

Happy shopping folks and good luck to one lucky winner.

This post is in partnership with but all opinions, thoughts, words, and feelings are totally mine. 


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