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White Room Challenge Tonight.

Rebecca, my ex- assistant from SFAS is on White Room Challenge tonight so you have to watch. Not sure if you guys have been tuning into it but its entertaining, if not at times anxiety inducing.  Watching creative people work under serious parameters is both tortuous and fascinating.  The entire time i think ‘what would have i done’ and very rarely do I impress myself.  

I want my socks knocked off like Todd Davis did 4 years ago:

But its a LOT harder than you think.  Being ‘conceptual’ really fast with limited EVERYTHING is hard, trust me…..But ‘thats why they call it a challenge’.  (i came to despise that response)

Our year we only had 1 day to start and finish the challenge – it started around 2pm and ended at 8pm (…i think, might have been 7, maybe 9) but on this show they get two full days so hopefully they are turning out amazing stuff.  

The winner wins $10, 000 each week.  That is a lot of dollar, dollar bills y’all.  

Let’s all cheer Rebecca on, please.  

Read her blog and then hire her if you are in the Vegas area, and if you don’t live in that area she does digital design as well.   

Plus she’s pretty and has my dream hair.  

Go REBECCA!!!!!!!!!

Tonight at 9pm EST, on HGTV.  

And you can audition HERE. 

In other White Room challenge news:  I‘m doing it again,  and the first one (DS season 5) didn’t go well.  AT ALL.

Oh dear.  Just look at that look of utter despair on my face.  If i could have snuck out and put myself on a plane home i would have.  THANK GOD I DIDN’T.  Not my best moment. 

HGTV has asked me, Meg and Antonio to do the challenge again live (but not televised), in Nashville during the CMA fanfest the weekend of June 8-10).  I questioned whether they meant to call ‘me’ but they said they did.  

When someone says ‘Nashville and CMA Fanfest’ i say ‘yes’ and reach for my boots. But then when they say ‘white box challenge’ a teeny bit of acid falls from my throat into my stomach and flashes of an ‘prison cell for a Monk’ (Vern’s infamous critique of mine) start floating around in my head.  ‘prison cell for a monk, prison cell for a monk, prison cell for a monk….’

But i at least have mental preparation this time….

I don’t know what i’m allowed to tell you except the design has to be based on a country song (i’ll tell you mine as soon as i know its ok to reveal), and we have 3 hours to do it (but with some  prep time).  You can watch the whole thing live if you are free June 9th in Nashville (and are a sadist.) Kidding….i’ve started planning and i think i might be fine this time.  BUT i’m under promising. Don’t get too excited….. Antonio is a conceptual killer – he worked for David LaChapelle for years, so that dude can bring a game that i’ve never played…i mean, i worked for Martha….

Anyway, maybe i just need some closure…. (says my therapist)

SO please….if you are coming to Fan Fest in Nashville that weekend come and say ‘hi’ on June 9th at the HGTV barn.  I’m not sure where it is but i think its going to be huge and well publicized.

Once i have more information i’ll post about it.  

But watch Rebecca tonight.  Pretty pretty please.  HGTV 9pm EST



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