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While i'm presenting at Epcot Center, check out these inspiring photos.

So i’m in Orlando (you have NO idea how hard it is to pronounce ‘Or-LAND-O as opposed to my amazing friend and assistnat ‘or-lawn-do’) presenting holiday style secrets at Epcot International Food and Wine festival .

Yesterday was my first speaking engagement EVER and i was terrified. The first one went fine, the second better, then the third today was almost too short but i was relaxed, and i’m about to do a fourth in a couple hours, but hardly nervous anymore. i think.

 I have one more tomorrow morning if you happen to be in Orlando or at Disney World, please come by.  I’ve had way more people come from the blog than i thought, and it makes me feel soooo good.   So thank you so much all of you who came and said ‘hi’.

Here’s a sneak peek/commercial video for it.  Ignore the paperclips that attached the ornaments to the branches, i didn’t have any twine and had to improvise – it is now twine.  Paper clips are so last holiday season.

Meanwhile, here are pics i’ve been hoarding  that are making me want to stop everything that i’m doing and steal all of these ideas. 

That rug is ridiculous. And check out how well Ikea works with this stuff.

I got these photos from a blogger from Brazil and now i can’t find it. So if you are the blogger (because i know she has followed me before) PLEASE leave a comment so i can credit you and then stalk you. Also that font is awesome, although i prefer languages i understand. That probably says, ‘i do crazy art installations that are totally rad and absolutely weird, plus emily henderson is a blonde genius’.  Something like that. 

Also these two, completely different worlds but i want inside my body, now.

That chair is like the one that i found in Portland, except reupholstered and with an ottoman. It’s stupid. So stupid i want to make a baby with it. 

Talk about a ballsy vignette. I’m not the biggest fan of ‘brown’, i generally use wood whenever i want to bring that color into a room, but this wallpaper is ridiculous.  That casegood thing is amazing, the painting is off the charts and the lampshade is nothing short of ballsy.  Like HUGE balls.  I think i got this from the same Brazilain blog that now i’m super regretting NOT bookmarking because i’m sure she posts pics that we haven’t seen before.  Lots of Brazilian pics and I love anything Brazilian (except ‘a brazilian’), especially from the 70’s.


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