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Which vintage chair did I buy?

I’m working on this project where I need a lot of art deco meets ’80s meets big city “dude” pieces, and I’m starting to collect furniture for it. So yesterday at the flea market I found two chairs that kinda fit the bill, but I only bought one of them; you guess which.

Oh, you might think it’s hideous, and it’s certainly really low and wide, but once it has been recovered it’s going to be VERY interesting and a total conversation piece. It was $150.

Or this red (but will be changed) weird modernist chair that is probably ’80s but references art deco a bit with the curves and the burl wood and the general wacky nature of it:

modernist contemporary chair

It was $550, but they said they would come down to $350. Picture it in a bright yellow or teal …

So which one did I buy? And moreover, do you approve?

UPDATE:  I bought the 2nd one. The red one.  I know.  Now of course i wish I had bought both, but i’m still super drawn to the architecture and shape of the red chair and you better believe i am reupholstering that in some amazing color.  Besides, maybe the white one will be there next week anyway ….



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