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Where did i go? and Episode 9, first recap


When people ask me what is my favorite part of my job, I go off for way too long about it.  I love everything about it. wait for it…..Except one thing: Managing the budget.  

I wish i could have written that in shaky letters. With horror music screeching in the background.  I used to think that the two worst jobs in the world for me would be truck driver  – because I HATE DRIVING, i’m a narcolept and have fallen asleep and wrecked my car whilst driving before, and I’m addicted to being social so i think i would go effing insane with that much alone time. OR a wedding planner – because i’m the least fussy person in the world so i just picture myself all day faking a smile whilst deciding between peach linen or cotton napkins, with the questions ‘WHY. DOES. IT. MATTER? running through my head.  I’ve actually changed my mind about being a wedding planner because if i could work for some of my friends that are laid back and have a good perspective and just want pretty flowers, good booze and dancing, then it would be awesome, cause gurl, i loves to party.  Also Bash, Please (a super hip party planning duo that i’m friendly with) throw awesome, cool, not cheesy, not fussy, parties and weddings and their clients are cool and normal, so it can be done.  I think i watched too much TLC when i came up with that job as the worst for me.  Also now that i think about it my linen napkin collection is out of control for when i used to style food shoots. I guess its the culture behind weddings that can scare me at times.  Oh and i’m not a planner, so that probably doesn’t help.  When brian and i travel we literally don’t book a hotel before we land in a foreign country.  i’m not kidding.  its part of the fun.  i do research on what neighborhood and where to eat, but nothing is planned.  So i guess planning and keeping track of paperwork and coordinating is not my thang.  

What am i talking about?  Right.  I now would like to announce the worst job for me in the world, again, FOR ME. …… ACCOUNTANT.  Yup.  Ask uncle Sam, ask my production company, ask bearcat.  I, Emily Henderson am not great with my finances.  I can shop for 12 hours straight and not get sick of it.  I can stare at shelter magazines all day long and could not be happier.  But paying my bills? forget about it. My sister loves budgeting her household.  She budgets in every box of cereal.  And she probably even has a savings account.  Can you imagine? a savings account? HAH!

But me? i wouldn’t know where to start.  

Anyway, so besides shooting this week, i’ve been in receipt hell.  and have now emerged.  older.  Oh, and taxes didn’t help either.  Uncle Sam can be such a prick.  

So onto the show:

Country Pop.  Whimsical country meets playful pop.  

Yup.  a total departure from the more vintage-y vibe that’s kinda my thing, but pretty fun, no? This family isn’t particularly into vintage so it seemed like a good time to switch it up a bit and show some versatility.  I had never done a kid-friendly space and frankly it scared me.  First of all kids have so much ‘stuff’.  just STUFF.   My kids aren’t gonna have any stuff.  They can play with mommy’s pottery collection and read daddy’s Neil Labute plays but there will be no toys.   God, i’m already annoyed by our future kids, they sound super pretentious.  But it actually was super fun and kid friendly can be done without looking like a day care, everything was durable and stain resistant, and no tables made out of knives or anything.  

And i’m kidding about my kids, obviously.  Sometimes i actually wonder if the real reason i want kids is to have an excuse to play with dollhouse furniture all day.  I mean, I’M A GIANT!!!  It’s so mini.  I’m obsessed.  Have i shown you guys my collection of handmade dollhouse fly swatters? i’m not kidding.  they are tini, like the size of a safety pin and are all hand made out of wire.  I found a bag of them at the flea market for like 2 bucks and framed them.  Think about it, somebody made these.  Somebody said, whilst finishing up the details of their victorian dollhouse, ‘Ah yes i’ve built my sofa, made my bed, i’ve woven a rug, i’ve hung the chandelier, i have my coffee table, painted my artwork.  yep i think we are all set (brushing of hands together) ……wait, what if there is a fly in the kitchen?  how would my mini mom take care of said fly?….’  It’s just incredible to me.  And for the record i’m not being sarcastic or ironic for once, i actually do really really really love and appreciate antique dollhouse furniture. Anything miniature really.  I even enjoy mini corn (you know the ones that come next to the carrots in the garnish tray).  

I digress.

Sources above – West Elm Martini table (but of course).  Crate and Barrel glass lamp, Sofa Company sofa (and its been stain resistant treated, don’t worry…although i found a new company Perma guarde that is even better),  CB2 Ferris Wheel, and West Elm owl lamp.  How very big box store, Emily.  But it still looked pretty adorable, and just really fresh.  

Pillows, big blue one was ABC carpet and Home, amazing rich soft velvet, i’m already jealous i let this one go.  The yellow one is CB2 and the green one is Urban Outfitters.  Those storage benches i’m slightly obsessed with because they are so practical.  They are Urban outfitters $250 and are white vinyl so they are completely whipeable and store stuff.  Hello, not ugly storage solutions, nice to meet you.  And i did my research and these truly are the best ones out there for the price.   The coffee table is West Elm, Dot.  

Birdcage chandelier: urban outfitters.  Blue pillow:  West Elm.  Vintage botanicals:  flea market.  See. 

OH and did you guys catch the price of the carpet? it said $225 a square yard. I mean, thats hilarious, cause it would make it like $10, 000 for commercial grade carpet. it was obviously $2.25 a square yard ($500 total including installation and padding).  

I need to get pics from the network for the first look, i can’t seem to find mine.  That yellow made me not happy.  Yellows are hard, people. I don’t like butter yellows, but this one was too bright.  I love pops of yellow but i don’t think i love a completely yellow room, unless its super light and just a tone.  I did, however, love that toile settee. Because i have crazy cat lady inside me that just wants to be surrounded by florals and toiles all the time.  and my cats.  and veronica mars.  and french fries.  and brass.  

More tomorrow.  Nice to see you again.  

Are you into playful pop for your family room? did i go too ‘new’ or is it refreshing to see? 


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