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Another week comes to an an end and all we have to say is TGIF! Although we love our weekends, there is one thing that we might love even more, and that is shopping! Shopping makes us happy and shopping for vintage goodies for all of you makes us even happier. That’s right ladies and gents we have got a whole new set of goods for you to shop first thing Monday morning over at “THE FLEA!”

For those of you that have yet to check out our new shoppable section of the website, which we have aptly titled ‘The Flea’ it is time to head on over and check it out. It is filled with some of our most favorite finds that we’ve slowly learned to emotionally disconnect from enough to sell to loving homes.

All of our new products will go live Monday morning at 6am PST so get your fingers and your credit cards ready as there are some goodies to be had. Enjoy the weekend and we’ll see you back bright and early on Monday morning.




Fin Mark


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These are some great finds! I really like the flower and gold striped bowls.


Beautiful items! Literally just set my clock Eastern time for Monday morning. I want that Camellia painting! (cracks knuckles, takes out hoop earrings)


literally, lol. ha!

All of these paintings reminds me that I need to visit a flea market before summer is over and stock up on some old prints to make a gallery wall with!

Josh | The Kentucky Gent

I adore all these finds on your virtual flea market, they are original and have a sense of character!


I love all of these finds. I do have a brass mouse that has bigger ears than yours does. They’re not only bigger, they’re ginormous!

That gold striped bowl is beautiful!


Such amazing stuff!! I want them all!!


Oops! The brass stag? Not a stag. Looks like a Longhorn skull to me.
Everything is so good! Hard to pick a favorite. Such a great collection of paintings.

Susie Q.

Yup, I was going to say the same thing. It’s a longhorn, not a stag. And #6 is a magnolia, isn’t it? It isn’t a camellia, as someone said.

I would like to know the price of: 10 & 13 of the first group. & 12 of second group.
Thank you


i am grateful for any and all things you offer and feel like your prices are more than fair…
just a thought, i wonder if there’s any chance you would include prices with the sneak peeks????
i feel like i could be a faster (and buy more) shopper, if i had a little more time to figure out what i can afford/ how much.
thanks for all you do!


Just curious if anyone brainstormed to call it “Emi-Flea”??? 😉


6:17PST and nothing… I potentially want to buy some of these things but don’t have time to refresh @ work 🙁

Nikki K

It’s 21 min past 6 PST… Anyone else still waiting for the new items at the FLEA? 🙁


I’ve hit reload approximately 10 thousand times!!

Nikki K.

Same here! There is hype around the items going live at 6am. If this were a brick & mortar business I would be knocking on the door!

Nikki K.

I have noticed our comments are saying it is 5am instead of 6amPST. So maybe that is why?!


okay, that’s what I thought too, but it’s now 10:02 EST (or 9:02 EST lol) and still nothing


yeah, what’s up with THAT?!! smh

Nikki K

Yup. Officially wasted an hour waiting. Giving up now!


Okay really bummed. I planned my morning around this!!


There are things showing up on twitter now with live links, but not on the actual shop page. wierd.


Wondering if there is any way you guys ship to Canada? I tried to purchase an item but there is no option for shipping to me 🙁

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