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Friday Finds: What’s In Our Cart (It’s All on Sale, FYI)

Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: 14 Rules for How We Style the Perfect Bedroom + 3 Reveals

Hungry for your Friday Afternoon Snack? We thought so. Not sure what we’re talking about? Well then welcome to our new, regularly scheduled second post of the day (head here to read this morning’s post). These are meant to be a quick, fun article that can serve as a helpful afternoon pick-me-up. Now, let’s dive into today’s delicious treat…

A wise man once said, “it’s not the shopping cart itself, but what you choose to put inside of it.” I don’t know who this man is or why he said this, but with this whole “I don’t want to leave my house or put on pants to go shopping” kind of world we live in these days, we thought it might be fun to show you guys what’s in our ~online~ shopping carts (plus some other great weekly online steals). For today, our first “Friday Sales” second-day post (get excited!), we are keeping things more general and recommending products that we are all loving. But after that, we will be hitting you with fun sale recommendations from different team members so not only will you get a variety of styles but A TON of deals. Plus, at the end of each post, you will get a fun new treat. Did Friday just get better?? Yes. Yes, it did. Okay to the deals we go…

This Week’s Steals:

If you don’t already know, World Market is slashing 40% off all of their furniture PLUS free shipping after you spend $75. We are big fans and here are a few of our favorites: We all love this beautiful queen wood spindle bed for only $329 (originally $550). I also personally fell extra hard for this bar cart. It’s now only $102 (originally $170) and is perfect for a small space (like the one I am living in). Last but not least, one of our favorite sofas is now on sale for $540 (originally $900). Wowza.

We love a throw pillow, and even more so…a round throw pillow. This round canvas cutie is now 56% off! So at $15 (originally $34) you can have an EHD-approved pillow in your home. If you want to see it in a project here you go. 🙂

Sweater weather is here! Well not in LA even though we are pretending but we found two awesome sweaters we LOVE. Here is a bomb sweater from ASOS (I am personally dying to grab) for $43 (originally $119) but it’s low in stock so grab it FAST. Then while scouring the Shopbop sale section we found this very EHD sweater for $42 (originally $104). Bonus, it’s still available in all sizes.

This chunky knit throw is $23 and it rocks. Happy fall, y’all.

November is flying by and Target is ON the Black Friday deals! Their sale preview starts today. While on Target’s website, I found our ALL TIME favorite vacuum, the Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead Cord-free Vacuum, is on sale for $350 (originally $500). Both Arlyn and Jess own a version of this puppy and can’t speak highly enough about it (the phrase “life-changing” have been thrown around).

So for those who love luxury, we want to give a PSA that starting Monday, Nov. 11 to the 17th, Net-a-Porter is giving 25% off of their exclusive “edit.” We don’t know exactly what’s going to be included but we didn’t want to give you the good news too late aka next Friday.

In case you haven’t heard, Sephora is having their Beauty Insider Holiday Bonus. So until Nov. 11th (that’s Monday) if you are a Beauty Insider, a VIB or Rouge member, go stock up on your beauty favorites to get up to 20% off. If you’ve been jonesing to get your hands on any of the products from our Team Picks post, or Sara’s Skincare post or most recently Em’s Party Makeup post, now is the time.

Brands You May Not Know But Should:

Okay, we love ourselves a deal, but in these posts, we also want to give love to newer brands that are awesome. A little booh-ya bonus if you will. Here are two new brands we’re obsessed with right now:

My friend started this jewelry company called RCHL which makes affordable, high-quality rings and such that “you never have to take off.” Their pieces are super cute and simple which make them PERFECT for layering your jewelry. But here’s the best part: their rings are mostly around $10 and they don’t turn your fingers green! ‘Cause let’s be real: green thumbs are only cool in gardens.

Jess found this company called DONNI which is a clothing company that sells extremely comfy (and cute!!) sweaters and such. We LOVE that they partner exclusively with local women-owned factories in Los Angeles PLUS they support a different non-profit each season. Heck yes, DONNI!


Tune in next Friday for another solid round of deals (MORE LIKE STEALS) from the world wide interwebs. That’s all, folks!

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3 years ago

That safe as a nightstand is great. (First photo) I gotta think it was a huge job to load and a pain to move when styling. If there’s a story, please…. do tell.

Mariya Zafirova
3 years ago

The chunky knit looks so comfy!

Mariya |

3 years ago

I wish these types of round up posts had more photos of the linked items within the body of the posts — even just a small collection on thumbnails for a sneak peek.

3 years ago

I know that if I have nothing nice to say then I should just skip these posts but the constant feeding of consumerism is just getting so out of hand. The fast fashion being linked and all the cheap goods that are being pushed just because “they’re on sale!” In some of the fashion posts there are usually disclaimers for, “if you don’t need it, don’t buy it,” or “buy fewer, better things,” but I see no such claims here. It’s disappointing.

Alexandra Rose
3 years ago
Reply to  Marie

Agreed. I love the blog and team but this type of thing just isn’t appropriate anymore. Consumerism is on it’s way out.

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