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Dios mio,  it’s a little warm in here, no?  My, my, my…  Valentines day is sunday, and it doesn’t matter whether you are into it or not, pretty pictures are pretty pictures.   I think this photo essay,, is super beautiful.  It’s shot by the loveliest, Anna Williams, styled by Pamela Duncan Silver, Food styling by Susan Spungen and produced by Mason at Big Leo productions.  All these people are crazy talented.  and super busy.  I’m impressed that they make time to do their own projects.  It’s as if they really love what they do so much they do it in their free time, sounds impossible, but it happens, people, it happens.  It’s a photo essay on aphrodesiacs; an ‘ongoing essay exploring hunger, consumption and beauty’.  Do yourself a favor this valentines weekend and check it out.  Maybe turn off the lights, crawl into bed, grab a glass of red wine or cranberry juice if that’s your cup of tea.  I would not crawl into a bubble bath with it, it could ruin your computer or you could get electrocuted. 

Who needs porn when you have pictures like these?
have a good weekend.  stay out of trouble.  and check out the rest of the photos, this is only a few of them.  all prints for sale, too, I think.


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