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What I’ve been up to …

There’s been a lovely combination of things happening here lately: A. I shot my living room yesterday (with Zeke Ruelas and his assistant Gino in the pics) as a collaboration with West Elm. B. My wi-fi was out due to me trying to hide all the chords in said photo shoot (since fixed obviously) C. I’ve been under the weather, nothing to worry about but the usual blogging time has gone to sleeping time. And D (my personal favorite). The IRS is super interested in me, which is just VERY flattering, indeed. 😉


These are all sneak peeks into the shoot, which I’ll probably post next week but you know me … no promises. I’m behind on like 15 posts — all original design work, so they just take hours to write (all the linking, folks).

Meanwhile, The Fig House is dump trucking along and we are constantly designing, changing, and checking in:

the fig house construction

And Joy’s studio is halfway done. Here’s where we are headed:

oh joy's studio progress

That’s just inspiration and general direction and I’m 100 percent jealous so far. But really I’m just doing it to get in good with Ruby. That two-year-old chick (below) is cool and I feel like she’ll be auditioning for best friends real soon and guess who’s going to be first in line? ‘Sright, Auntie Emily.

EMily and Ruby

Hey Ruby, wanna go to the mall and get your belly button pierced at Claire’s? Cool. I’ll pick you up … Hey Ruby, wanna watch the remake of the Parent Trap without getting sad that Lindsey Lohan’s career has tanked along with her personality and eat a lot of Red Vines? Cool. Be there in ten.

I’m totally in with the two-year-old crowd, folks. It just might take a few more years of proper courting but we WILL be best friends.

Also, I finished the living room, family room, and office in this house (Grace, Graham and the parent’s bedrooms) and here’s a sneak peek into the dining room. I’m VERY excited.

dining room sneak peek

Photo by Zeke Reulas.

And if you are bored pick up the new “Good Housekeeping” where there is a pretty big spread on yours truly. I took nine pieces from the flea market that were kinda garbage but had potential and remade them. Look at me refusing to use the word “up-cycle” or however you spell it.  I’ll post the story as soon as I can get to scanning it in … which sometimes takes me years.

good housekeeping

So that’s what I’ve been up to, friends. All good things, but Bearcat is screaming for attention and my TV stories are just lining up. The RHOC don’t watch themselves, you know what I mean?

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