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What I Wore This Month

In my quest to not go to work nude, I put clothes on my body before I leave the house. And because I’m a voyeur and I like to know what OTHER people are actually wearing (not necessarily styled out photo shoots full of free clothes), I thought maybe some of you would want to see what I wear on a normal work day. We started taking quick shots on the days that we remembered to, and if you are into it we can do quick posts every few weeks.

Of course I want to give you like 45K disclaimers here: I’m not a fashion stylist, these are not crazy pulled together outfits that I would wear if I were to say, meet Obama or anything, I’m not a model, and these weren’t planned outfits or shots in any way. It’s just me and some basics from my closet that I seem to really like.

Emily Henderson What I Wore Fashion Clothing1

Shoes | Sweater similar | Dress similar | Necklace similar

That dress was from the Who What Wear for Target collaboration and it is VERY GOOD (not available online anymore, but might still be in some stores). It drapes really well and I find myself wearing it constantly (the shirt is equally good). Those shoes from Intentionally Blank are my #1 shoes right now for comfort, and because they are so flattering (they make my legs look longer because they are a light skin tone). The sweater isn’t available anymore but I’m a pretty big fan of layering boxy sweaters over my dresses. It’s a thing.

Emily Henderson What I Wore Fashion Clothing2

Shirt similar | Shorts similar | These are my new favorite shoes similarHat similar

Ever since I had Elliot I have been rocking the “tent-shirt-mini-short-high-heel” look, for reasons you can probably figure out. Those shoes aren’t available any more, but don’t worry because I just ordered my new favorite shoes.

Emily Henderson What I Wore Fashion Clothing3

Jacket similar | Pants similar | Shirt similar | Shoes similar | Hat similar

Boxy striped shirt, tight jeans, oversized linen jacket – this is my jam. And you hat-haters will have lots of ammo because I certainly have found a friend in these two hats. Yes, it’s because my hair is long and annoying to do every day because I have two tiny children. I’m fine with that.

Emily Henderson What I Wore Fashion Clothing4

Jeans similar | Cape no longer available | Shirt similar | Shoes similar

The bummer is that almost NONE of these clothes are available anymore. But we found some similar items that I liked a lot. Meanwhile, why yes, that shirt is a maternity top that I still wear. It’s ok (it’s Gap maternity which is very good).

Emily Henderson What I Wore Fashion Clothing5

Blazer similar | Dress | Necklace similar | Shoes

AH. This dress is currently sold out, but you can get notified when it comes back in stock. When it does, get the small. Doesn’t matter what size you are, get the small. It’s by a friend of mine’s new LA based fashion line called “Dôen” and the colors and patterns are so pretty. It’s just fairly oversized, so make sure to go small. The blazer is good too.

Emily Henderson What I Wore Fashion Clothing6

Shorts | Shoes | Shirt

Those are my new favorite shorts (they have these cute little pleats) and shirt – which I got in Australia. Those shoes arrived yesterday and I’m still breaking them in, but we all decided in the office that they are amazing.


So there you have it. There is clearly a common thread – blue, white/cream, stripes, tight on the bottom, big on the top, and hats. Seeing it like this is really interesting. It makes me want to try harder and also to experiment more. Some day, some day I’ll make it to a store.

My favorite of all those outfits? The top middle was the most presentable for a fancy meeting, the bottom left is the simplest and cutest, and the top right is probably the most “me.”

Thoughts? If I tried a bit harder would you be into more everyday, real outfit posts? I still want to do more styled out fashion photo shoots, but I always like seeing what bloggers are wearing to the office so I figured maybe you guys would, too. LMK. And HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

*Want more of my favorite fashion? Check out my other fashion posts: What I Bought Over Break | Black Friday WishlistThe Best Skinny Jeans | Maternity Fashion

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8 years ago

i was just going to ask you to do this. the weather is finally turning warm where i live and i’m at a loss as to what to wear. i just realized i’ve been wearing tights everyday and i no longer want to . AND i’ve been eyeing that Doen dress and wondering what size. so yes, now you ahve answered all of my questions.

8 years ago

I like it. And I like it to not be “try hard”. I would also love to see your staff! Grouped? Rotated? Whatever – it would be a fun Friday thing. Also, I know that styles and people change, but, man, I miss your secretary blouse, jeans, and blazer phase. Although truthfully, I find myself not wearing that anymore either, so I guess those days are gone. But they were fun! Linen, chambray, and cotton topping my preferences these days. I imagine your LA location has a huge influence on your clothing choices. Yeah… you should move to Portland. LOL! Keep up the good work, Emily and Co.!

Another Emily
8 years ago

I LOVE this post. Please keep doing these “what I actually wear” posts, as often as you want.
I concur that your new shoes are amazing.
RELATED: due to annoying sun damage (ie. melasma) that will never stop ruining my life, I’ve decided I need to dive into the world of decorative hats, both to protect myself from further damage and to hide the worst patches, up along my hairline. You wear your hats with such confidence — have you always been a hat wearer? Do you actually wear them in the office? Or just when you’re outdoors/in transit? How do you make your hair look semi-presentable when you need to take off the hat? Also I’m a very warm person, so I worry that wearing hats this summer will make me a conspicuous sweaty lil tomato in a fedora. How do you deal, in LA?

I realize I may be overthinking things… but I still want to know all your thoughts on hats.

8 years ago

I like it, but not more than once a month. Also, the best part is that they are just regular (but still cute) outfits. If they were more styled, I think it would be less helpful. I know how to dress up/look business-y, it’s finding comfortable but attractive clothes to wear when I am working from home or running errands, etc. that is difficult.

Also, I love your new shoes, but are they actually comfortable with a heel that high?

8 years ago

I know you said that the shoes aren’t available anymore but, where *are* those darker brown ones from? I adore them!

8 years ago
Reply to  nathalie

DITTO! Please tell us more about them. I LOVE!

8 years ago
Reply to  Helen

They are the Rachel Comey Almer (same designer as her new ones). I have them and they are AMAZING. I’ve seen them on eBay a few times.

8 years ago
Reply to  Sezela

She NEEDS to make them again. I NEED them!

8 years ago

Thoroughly enjoyed. Don’t think you need to “do more” in the post, repeating this would be fun.

8 years ago

Yes! I love these posts too! Just a bit of fun!

8 years ago

No fancy styling needed, more posts just like these would be great! You have an awesome funky style and i love seeing what people ACTUALLY wear, not what they wear for the sake of photos!

8 years ago

Love the post. More please. I appreciate the realness of your outfits rather than something styled for show.

8 years ago

Love it, please do more!

8 years ago

I would love more of these posts, and you don’t have to try harder, this one is really good! I get really inspired!!

8 years ago

What is the brand of those shoes that you always wear that are no longer available? I plan to make it my life’s mission to hunt down a pair.

8 years ago

I really like this post! It is nice to see the real outfits a blogger wears to work.

rachelle bell
8 years ago

Perfect styling! Great post. 🙂

8 years ago

Yes Emily, love this!

8 years ago

Yes please! Love posts like this. I actually like how informal this is, because it shows what you actually wear on a normal day.

8 years ago

Yes! Love this! More, more, more! 🙂

8 years ago

I am normally not into fashion post per se, but I loved this. It really is nice to see what real people wear in their real lives, so yes I’d love to see one of these about once a month.

8 years ago

Omg. It’s Christmas morning. I love these posts.
I’m getting some new clothes! Em hendo

8 years ago
Reply to  Shawn

I just want to add that j appreciate the price points here. Frankly, it’s still more than I typically spend, but it’s do-able.

8 years ago

Yes! I love these posts! There’s something about your personal fashion aesthetic that is really fascinating to me, even when I don’t care for the individual pieces. I am also a newish mom and this is really helpful and inspiring. Keep them coming!

A side note that’s not really directed at Emily: does anyone find the new modern t-shirt silhouette (particularly the longer sleeve length) to be wildly unflattering? I just can’t figure it out.

8 years ago
Reply to  Samantha

I don’t know about the longer sleeve length, but the longer shirt length in general does nothing for me. Probably because I’m not a skinny pants/leggings wearer. It’s so good to know what fit looks best for your body type and generally stick with that!

8 years ago

Please, give us Fashion Fridays! My fave is the no longer available cape. Love. Myself, I’m working a wardrobe capsule for the past couple months and am finding my life greatly simplified by only having to stare blankly into one part of my closet.

8 years ago

Most def. going to pin every single outfit. No need to “try harder”, lady!

8 years ago

I like what you wear, but to be honest, kina all the same, blue …stripes, checks, solid,white, jean,,, so if you experiment more, yes, but otherwise, not so much..( I have a cape addiction myself, nice one!)

8 years ago

Yes. But the real question is, how do you wear dresses while nursing elliot? Is there a secret no one has told me about?

8 years ago

This post is wonderful and inspirational. Don’t try harder – I would love more just like it!

8 years ago

What ever became of the Eileen Fisher things from Nordstrom you had in “recent finds”. I’d love to learn more about rocking those. I love the way they fit, but I think I look 106 when i wear them. I’d love to learn from your stylish ways.

I LOVED this post – exactly as it is – still true to real life and it was fun to see them all together. I love your style!

Darlene Champion
8 years ago

I have only been reading your blog for 30 days or so. I enjoy it and like that it feels like I hear your voice in it. (early fan from your HGTV contest, the name escapes me) If someone else writes it, they really seem to get you. lol. I enjoyed seeing the clothes post. I do wonder what people wear, where they buy it, especially if online. It’s so easy that way. I have also been intrigued by the fact that you throw in some Target clothes. I know they are a sponsor but still, the clothes look cute and it makes me want to go check them out, especially knowing they are affordable. I like that you have posts about all sorts of things. Enjoyed it!

8 years ago

I love that hat! (I’m a hat hoarder… I buy them and never wear them *sigh*)

8 years ago

Great post, please do more! We’re all voyeurs, so this sneak peek into your daily life is great! Cheers – CT

8 years ago

Great! Was just talking with friends about this weird phase of dressing we are in. We want to look pulled together and stylish, but not overly done. Due to our age (late 30s-early 40s) and having school age children, in style pieces can look too youthful and “try too hard”, but we’re not ready for Chicos… We’re in between, and there is nowhere to turn for inspiration. I love how these outfits are simple, just causal enough yet pulled together and stylish — very real. Perfect. Please do more!

8 years ago
Reply to  Sha

Yes, to this!

8 years ago

One of your outfits last fall (white/black tunic under pink jacket) was SO adorable that I had to copy it, and it has been my go-to ever since. So, yes, posts like this will be great!

Please tell us where you get your tanning done!!! Is it manual or booth spray? I’m a fellow pale-skin who cannot find a suitably light shade.

Sarah Matthews
8 years ago

Love the top right and top left. Really all of them! I feel like any woman could do this to see what they truly wear from their closet, what the common threads of her wardrobe are, and how to shake it up a little! Thanks for the great idea!

8 years ago
Reply to  Sarah Matthews

Great idea!

8 years ago

Liked this a lot, actually. I love a good inspirational outfit (or room, for that matter) shot as much as the next girl, but occasionally just want to ask “Yeah, but what do you wear to Trader Joe’s?” On a side note, I think this is why Snapchat has been so revolutionary. Simplicity and authenticity always win in my book.

8 years ago

Hi Emily- Are you still breastfeeding? My baby is about the same age as Elliot, and I don’t know what to wear because hardly anything I own is nursing friendly…well, without revealing a whole lot!

8 years ago

I love that your clothes look like you… a person, not a stylist or fashion blogger who is trying to complicate things with a million layers, crazy fabrics or the newest trend. I think it would be fun to see more posts like this mixed into the blog 🙂

– Jaime

8 years ago

“It makes me want to try harder and also to experiment more.”
it’s nice that your outfits inspire you! I also just wanted to let you know that I really love your uniformity and consistency. You represent yourself very well. Some inspiration would be fun, but you’re the sassy queen of stripes and i think you do it very well.

“If I tried a bit harder would you be into more everyday, real outfit posts?”
I actually like seeing you “not try,” and have a real-life glimpse into who you are and what it looks like to live your life. There’s already tons of people who style outfits online, and I like that you DON’T style outfits too hard and still look like you did when you take these photos. You have an engaging style that seems effortless, and I like seeing what you pull together even when you’re “not” thinking about it. I would wear what you wear and I would do it because I wouldn’t have to spend my precious life thinking about my clothes all the time. So, thank you!

8 years ago

I’m here for the furniture, not the fashion. More couches, less blouses.

8 years ago

I LOVE it, PLEASE keep doing it, and the cape outfit and striped shorts outfit are my favorites!

ashley bouldin
8 years ago

i bought those rachel comey’s a few years ago in the off white color. i loved them and wore them to my heart’s desire. then i scuffed them, and i’ve never been able to find a cobbler who was able to match the color! IT’S SUCH A SHAME!

i like the nude, but i just can’t justify dropping the cash on another pair…

whatever. whoa is me. your outfits are adorbs. xo

Keah Bateman
8 years ago

Love this post! Thanks for sharing 🙂

8 years ago

I love this post– really into your current style. I hope his doesn’t come off wrong, but I’m pregnant ( not really showing yet but really not into tight waistbands), and I find these inspring in a comfy and breezy yet cool way.
But that gif! I didn’t open the post initially because the opening gif does something very unpleasant to my visual processing pathway, so I closed the browser immediately. I know you guys love them but I remember that there are other people out there who also find the gifs of incongruent static images freaky and unnerving. Maybe leave them off the front page?

8 years ago

I like your take on clothing styles precisely because you aren’t a fashion blogger and I can rely on you to just shoot me straight 🙂 Love!

8 years ago

Love this! Definitely do more Posts like this!

8 years ago

Yes Yes YES to more outfit posts! I love seeing what you wear to work everyday (especially all those amazing shoes)! I am picking up what you are putting down.

xx Hannah //