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On My Body This Week: Trying Out a New Maximalism Thing + Some New Favorites


Due to my weeks of travel + pajamas lately, even I was relieved to find that this week I actually put on clothes that I really liked. What I have to remind myself is that most days, I’m on set, styling or checking in on projects so whatever I wear has to be comfortable, moveable and not precious (nary a dress) but I also had five photo shoots this week (three on camera) so I had my hair and makeup done. We also shot a fun spring fashion piece but you’ll have to wait for next week to see those lewks. Today, it’s all about real-life, what I actually wore on my body outfits.


Image From Ios 6 Copy 1

Jeans (similar) | Jacket | Hat | Boots

My new favorite spring jacket that I find flattering, comfortable and useful (big pockets). My Nisolo boots have become my go-to “utility” shoe and they work really well with skinny jeans. Insert new hat for my not-dealing-with-my-hair Monday look.


Image From Ios 7 Copy

Shirt | Jeans (on sale!) | Mules | Necklace (similar)

This was a moment where I tried color this week and I’m not actually sure about it…not convinced I like red. I like florals. I like ruffles. But do I like RED FLORAL RUFFLES all together? Not sure. This is however what is happening right now…maximalism in fashion. I know this because we’ve been talking about it and literally Googling what 25-year-olds are wearing in New York and what you’ll find is CAH-RAZY. I’m sure I’ll be on board soon, always slightly behind the nutty trends. Meanwhile, though I’m not selling those clogs there (I think they are wrong with the jeans), I LOVE THEM and I’ve worn them a ton since I bought them last week.


Image From Ios 6 Copy

Shirt | Shorts | Mules

Hello SUMMER SHORTS. I’ll still rock last year’s Levi’s but pretty psyched about this year’s although they are going even shorter…I’m wearing these right now while in Ojai on vacation with my friends. Also, that top was my attempt at BROWN. Are you guys dipping your mule in the brown color fashion trend right now? I’m still on the fence.


Img 1332

Shirt | Jacket | Pants | Shoes

All my friends are here: drop crotch, casual shoes with a heel, a simple button up and my new amazing chambray coat. You might not be impressed with the innovation here, but this is my favorite outfit of the week.


Image From Ios 8

Jeans | Shirt | Mules

What an awkward thing to do with your leg, but I do love my new boyfriend cut jeans. Those mules are my first attempt at an animal print, and since it’s small enough, I can do it. The button up is still my favorite oversized one from Target.

And there you go. We’ll have an actual fashion post next week…meanwhile HAVE THE BEST SATURDAY EVER. I’m at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa with my best friends from Oregon and the only thing that would make me happier is if Brian drove my kids up for a 15-minute squeeze, only to leave post-hug. Have a lovely one. xx

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Em-I-leee!! I love every single outfit. Sold me on the red, the brown, the animal print….
All of these outfits are Ghjngs I’d aspire to wear! Thank you for the inspiration. Price points also feel good!

Inês Seabra

I love that brown shirt on you! I think it works because of your light skin and blonde hair. I’m brunette… Brown it’s harder to work for us tanned skin and dark hair.


Great shoes in this post! Those animal print mules are fantastic. I think both the red and the brown shirts are flattering but the brown one is especially so.


Did you cut more holes in the shorts? The ones on the link don’t look the same. Love it though.


Was thinking the same! Want the actual shorts emily’s wearing!


I LIKE the red print on you. But you do you and wear what makes you comfortable in your own skin.

Ahh that is so sweet. Thank you xx


All very nice. Just curious. How do you find out what 25 year olds are wearing in New York? I tried googling the question and it didn’t work…… I guess I could ask my daughter though she is 28 and living in New York : ).


It took me a while to come around to the brown trend, but then I realized that brown actually looks great on me, especially warmer browns. I know the idea of seasonal colors is kind of dated, and think that people should wear whatever makes them happy, but I do think there is something to the idea that different colors look good on different people depending on their coloring. I like how Anushka Rees presents it on her blog: I have warm undertones and dark hair and eyes, and certain colors (pastels, white, black, cool grays) tend to bring out my undereye dark circles and make me look tired. But darker, really pigmented warm colors make me look more awake and vibrant. Emily, I think you look so great in white and blue because of your cool skin tone. I still like the red and brown tops, but maybe the colors don’t suit you as well.


Haha… I was thinking the same thing about seasonal color analysis! I got way into it a few years ago and it was a game changer for me. I got professionally “draped” and it really helped me to learn to love my natural coloring and to stop buying clothes that looked cool on the hanger but that just weren’t “harmonious” and flattering for me. I also love that since learning my palette all of my clothes coordinate much more easily.


Yes!! That’s awesome. It has definitely helped me be more selective about what I buy as well.

Oooh what a great resource! Thanks for sharing xx


Favorite article of the week!



Ok. Serious question.
Any thoughts on the Teva sandal trend?
I’m starting to cinsyser it. ?


I really hope you’re joking that it’s a trend!


I’m not ?


I hope you were joking that it’s a trend, because I’ve been wearing these since I was seven. Just wear what works for your lifestyle and that YOU like. Tevas are comfortable and great for spending time outdoors! They’re my go to camp shoes or light hiking/walking around town. (Similar to Birks…. also, still SO confused on those ever being a “trend”.)


That red blouse is beautiful. It’s my favorite.


LOVE the brown on you. It’s my favorite of the looks, but they’re all cute. The red looks great with your coloring, but I get it. I’m always told I should wear red, that I look good in red (also blonde like you) and yet I never feel comfortable in it. My acupuncturist told me to wear it for energy. Even that encouragement wasn’t enough to get me to pull it out of my neutral-filled closet. Blues and some pink/corals are about as wild as I get. That brown has me reconsidering my stance though. 🙂


I’m a blonde too…similar coloring. I love how I feel in red…EXCEPT, whenever I wear it, somehow it always feels too juvenile or like too sexy/try-hard….both scare me. SO I steer clear and stick with safe navy. 😛 (and black, brown and grey feel stuidious and smart…so I’m cool with them too.)


I think red is a fantastic color for your skin and hair. But i get if you just don’t like it. The cut off shorts that are linked don’t look like the pair you actually have on. Is the link the actual shorts or is it that just a ‘similar’ link?


love the red and brown tops on you. Love the denim jacket too (just a nit pick, the jacket is not chambray its denim)

Thank you 🙂


I love the red on you! In fact I love all of these. I bought that white target button down after you posted about it, but I find I never wear it. I feel the stiffness just doesn’t work for me, it feels too crinkly. But I love it on you! It’s in my donate pile but after seeing this photo, you’re making me want to give it another chance!


Love these posts. Please keep them coming


Hi, you wore a white fleece zip up jacket a week or two ago – would you please share where it’s from? Thank you!


Hi Emily, you wore a white fleece jacket a few weeks ago, could you please share the source?


I thought I was annoyed by the clothing posts, but I’ll be darned if I didn’t just order those animal print mules. Sigh.


All such cute and comfy looking outfits!! and the red floral ruffle shirt- it’s so good! Maybe you’re circling back to the circa 2009 Emily which wouldn’t be a bad thing? I loved all your secretary blouses back then lol


The last spotted calf mules from Madewell were ooh la la, but the word CALF. No can do. Your thoughts?


Your animal print mules have my name of them! Thanks for doing the legwork on those for me. Oh, one more thing, I’m sure I’m not your only 60-year-old follower and fan, I sure hope not. Love your new boyfriend cut jeans, but at age 60, I’ve been told by my 38-year-old daughter, the ripped jeans are not a good look on me. I’d be interested in your ideas for a non-ripped jean.


What I am really curious about is: where did you get the olive green floral short robe in the summer jean shorts picture? THAT, I want.

Sandra Blackwell

Do you need to iron the white button down from Target?

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