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What I wish I was wearing today….

Ever since this whole TV thing happened I decided that I should start to dress less like a crazy person.  Don’t worry, still slightly cuckoo, just mixing in a little awesomeness here and there.  
For the special I kept putting off wardrobe shopping because I was so busy shopping for the house, and then i was out of time.
so this time, i’m a-thinkin’ about wardrobe in advance.
Now a lot of you who know me know that I can get very equestrian very fast.   Maybe its because one of the few movies we were allowed to watch growing up was ‘Man From Snowy River’. 
Are you with me ladies?  You know you are.
Not sure how that chick was the leading lady….
I can get behind all the leather, tweed, canvas, princess sleeve jackets, denim and brass accents any day.
So here is what i’m thinking: my new dream outfit for work:

Jacket:  Emersonmade, amazing. Just perfect.   $238 and worth every penny.  Many of you might say, ‘But Emily, you already have a jacket just like that.  You wore it all throughout Design Star’. and I say to you, ‘Correctamundo, my friend.’ But i lost it the last day of the shoot much to my, and America’s sorrow.    One less princess sleeved, perfectly fitted vintage tweed jacket in the world.

AND p.s. if anyone sees anybody wearing my jacket in NYC, tackle them take off the jacket and turn them over to the police.  These kinds of crimes can’t go unpunished.
Ok, i will wear the jacket with these James Jeans (twiggy cut, they have stretch but not jeggings and are super dark and therefore rather flattering)  $114 (i have three pairs of these, different colors)
Um, but lose those heels lady, i’m going to be wearing these with them:
My god, you are beautiful. clogs and boots combined! no you di’int.
Anthropologie, $580.  What? be quiet. a girl can clog dream can’t she? 
Oh and this’ll be my new bag
From A.P.C.  $580.  yep, that’s not happening any time soon. but i love you.
And dios mio I love Lauren Moffatt. (top $240)  Modern femininity at its best.
There we have it folks.  And if anybody ever happens upon me in a piano bar after a few too may, ask me to play the theme song from ‘Man from Snowy River’.  And hopefully i won’t, but there is a chance i will, cause i know that one by heart folks.  
You know the one.
And if you don’t,  ask yourself what exactly were you doing in the 80’s if not watching period romances from New Zealand? eh?
or just click here and listen to it with a montage fro
m the movie.  

i just did.  and i cried. seriously. 

stupid nastalgia, i hate you sometimes. 
Am i the only person who saw that movie?


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