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What did we do before ETSY?

Artwork for a tv show is tricky.   And by tricky i mean ugly, bad, hotel art.  I mean, you can’t even call it ‘art.’ You could call it ‘stuff to put on walls so it doesn’t look empty’.  

Well, welcome to my biggest pet peeve, wait, styling shelving with empty bins is my biggest tv pet peeve, and bowls of green apples randomly on a coffee table is up there, too.  Anyway, I’m a huge fan and user of ETSY,  and I thought i’d highlight some of my favorites that i’ve been buying for the show (with subsequent permission).  

I’m also starting a ‘where i’m shopping’ tab above and all my favorite resources (LA, vintage, online, big box, web-sites and etsy artists that i love will all be included on there….slowly, so keep checking back…and i’ll update when i find new artists and stores…as i do love a ton, so if i’ve forgotten you or your store or you think i’d like you or your store please email through the contact form to remind me).  

I tweeted about this last week, but man i just got it in the mail and i’m obsessed:

And this guy, one of my favorites:

They are handmade pieces, of simple perfect paper hearts.  They are customizeable (which i did for a family member and a client) where she writes with a pencil either on the hearts or on the bottom of the piece.  And then i bought one for me because i couldn’t live another day without paper heart art (as i have a thing for hearts and paper art).  And they are framed beautifully.  Don’t be scared that it ships from Europe, i got mine in 10 days.  

The company is called Sarah&Bendrix, and you can buy them on etsy, here.  And you should.  Guaranteed a happier life. 

The BigHarumph

Adorable letterpress posters.  I just got one and the quality is high and the colors are super saturated.

Buy them on ETSY here.    Some of their quote posters are pretty great, too.

Next up:

Linda Donohue:

original abstracts that i think are super beautiful.  Ethereal.  happy.

Check out her etsy shop, here.

MoxieDoll.  Happy, adorable little pieces of love.  There is something about embroidery art (and paper art) that somehow seems more approachable to me than others.  I think it reminds me of my years and years as an obsessive crafter.  College was spent reading books, writing papers (despite my lack of respect of capitalization, spelling and grammar, i actually did get an english degree), but i also watched Felicity and crafted – collaging, mosaic-ing, sewing…so these kinds of pieces of art remind me of my potential (that sounded dark, but since i can’t paint worth squat somehow these seem more like me).

I know.  Ridiculous.  And totally well priced.  What a good good gift.  (hint, hint)

And she has a ton more.  And she’s from Portland.  Shop here for MoxiDoll’s other pieces of happiness.

Tracey Kafka, super pretty afforable abstracts:

I just commissioned Tracy to do one for the show – basically i gave her a color palette and she sent me something perfect.  I’m pretty sure she’s open to doing this, so if you see something that you love but in colors that don’t work for you, ask her.  You’ll see her piece in episode 9 of season 2.  Buy Tracy’s work here

Laura A Miss

Its stitched canvas art and its ridiculously cute.  I want this one bad (keep meaning to buy for the show, might just need to buy for me).

And this one i  want for my future kids room.  So happy.  See more Here.

Pajamasnpaintbrushes.  Tractors aren’t a normal obsession, but i think these paintings are visually super appealing and great for a little boys room:

Right? there is something tough and sweet about them that makes me want to hug them.  Buy them here.

Black Daisy Blue:

Yes i have a thing for blue abstracts.  So sue me.  Although i wouldn’t recommend it.  you can’t exactly win a case against somebody who likes blue paintings.  Just a thought.  

oh and one more abstract by LorieMarie that i used in a beach house, so cute

I just installed this guy in a clients house…they were from the mid-west and while its kinda cold they loved it.  I think it was crazy inexpensive, too. like under $30 or $40, i don’t remember.

Cute, right.  See the other work here, by Thirteen13creations

THen this guy makes me smile:

I mean.  That’s pretty happy.  have you ever seen a bird with a french fry? those fools be crazy happy.  and i understand, birds, i do. No one, NO ONE likes french fries more than i do.  Sometimes (often) for lunch i order a salad to look cool and healthy, with a side of fries, and then depending on how good the salad is often i just eat a side of fries.  Yup.  Because they are very, very delicious.  I just feel bad for birds that they don’t have ketchup.  although, what if they do? if i was  a smart bird that wanted to get rich i would totally invent ketchup and set up shop near a burger joint.  Thats my new skinny margarita idea.  become a bird, invent ketchup for birds and make 120 million dollars.  or seeds.  as i’m assuming that birds pay with seeds.  wait, that’s boring.  i don’t like seeds. new idea. 

Buy that print here.  

Being that i have a thing for peacocks (well birds in general, see above rant about birds and french fries) i’m super attracted to this guy:

I think I ordered this, but i havent’ gotten it yet. i could be wrong. i go on these crazy etsy sprees and forget what i actually payed for.  But i love it. Buy her here.  by FauxKiss

That’s about it for now.  I am accepting sponsorships starting last week, so if any of you artists want to buy an affordable space email  Spaces are filling up, but i would love to be able to promote and work with all y’all.  (none of the above artists are sponsors – as far as i know – they are just who i love and wanted to give a good old fashion independent shout out).


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