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West Elm just went Hollywood, thank god.

My life just got easier.  Those of you who have been to LA understand the traffic we all talk about endlessly. It’s career-changing, socially debilitating and unbelievably frustrating.  You schedule your day around the traffic, you write off people instantly as friends if they live more than 10 miles away, and people even have beach houses when they live 20 miles away from the house – it feels that far away.  You have to live by your friends or break up with them (true story) in LA, and when going to ‘the west side’ or ‘Santa Monica’ we ‘Eastsiders’ must bring provisions – blankets, food, extra phone charger, emergency kit – that 18 mile drive can take you an hour on a good day – so a round trip? at least 3 hours.

Going to West Elm in Santa Monica (at the 3rd street promenade – a big super busy mall, no less) has always been something that we do because we need West Elm pieces, but we had to plan a day trip – or send the newest intern.  In fact, i have purchased online and shipped to my house MORE than i have bought physically at the store.  Sure, if you live on the west side, you were golden, lucky you. But us that live inland had a hard time.

Sad story, i know.

Well, folks, West Elm is coming to Hollywood, opening tomorrow.  S’Right.  It’s now in the middle of where i shop daily.  Which will be bad for my bank account but good for my clients.  And Thomas O’Brien designed the store – smart move by West Elm, because that dude is a design genius – look at his house:

The last year on the show specifically i have used a lot of West Elm, so i thought i’d recap all the major West Elm moments (not so much the pillows and accessories, that would take forever).  Stay tuned for a major giveaway at the end.


Silver Martini Table, its pretty much a West Elm classic at this point.

Whoops, another martini table, although white this time  $129 (these episodes were 9 episodes apart, by the way)…And check out the owl lamp behind it.  $99


Glass Jug lamp,  $149



Pebble Rug, 8×10 $649


Petra Table Lamp, on sale now for $79.99


Andalusia Rug, $549


Cream chevron rug, but i don’t think its available anymore.


Cream Chevron rug again, whoops, apparently i like that one a lot.  Oh and that’s the Eyelet bedding, too, which i’m not sure if its still available, but the ‘Pin Tuck’ is one of my favorites.


And those awesome ‘Long Arm’ sconces.  $149

eclectic 3 jpg.jpg

Recycled Denim Jute Rug.


Safari Rug.  I’m so glad they are selling this rug still, I forgot about it, but its surprisingly neutral, in an edgy way.


Sheepskin Rug (although couldn’t find it available on the site).

And in the holiday special (pictures off limits til it airs November 25th) there is a huge new rug, and ton of christmas ornaments, a terrarium, pillows, etc.

Clearly i’m a frequent buyer.

Anyway, to reward me for being such a good little shopper, they have invited me to be a ‘Special Guest’ at their big opening party next month, with some of my new and old favorite bloggers and friends:

So basically i get to hang out in a store i love, sip wine with my friends whilst portions of what i buy go to charity? It’s like asking Snookie if she would like to go tanning.  Of course, i’ll do it.

PLUS, then i get to ask fellow HGTV host, Carter Oosterhouse why, oh why are there so many ‘O’s in his name, …..and where are you sailing to, Mr. Oosterhouse?  Come Back!

Stand back, ladies. He’s taken by Amy Smart now, who i have always loved since ‘Felicity’. Ah, Noel.

To celebrate my new easy life of never having to go to the 3rd street promenade again i’m giving away 5 of my gift pics from West Elm today.  S’right, the holidays just came early.  FIVE!!! (check out the  holiday guide for all my other gift pics)

Schmidt Brothers Starter Knife Set, One day, when i learn to cook i’m going to use these to cut food things.

Schmidt Brothers® Starter Set w/ City Block


Ceramic Pig Speakers  I own this and its great because its super portable – no chords into the wall, and the sound is WAY better than i thought it would be, plus its a pig and pigs are inately very funny.

Ceramic Pig Speaker

Monogrammed Laptop Case (if you don’t have a laptop i’m sure you can take it back for an ipad case)

Canvas Electronic Cases

Lacquer Jewerly box – every girl needs this.


Lacquer Jewelry Box

Wine Decanter

Glass Bottles with Wood Stoppers


So yes, one lucky winner gets all five of these gifts. If I was you i would keep them, but they make pretty great gifts so you can always give them away to a lucky friend, too.

Just leave a comment on this page – tell us what your all-time favorite West Elm piece is.  Mine might be the martini table because its just so versatile. But i’m also a huge fan of their new Bliss Sofa (i’ve previously been more into their textiles and accessories, but their new furniture is hitting the spot).

Room View





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