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We’re Hiring – Entry Level Blog Assistant

We’re expanding AGAIN, and looking to hire a full-time blog assistant as soon as possible. We’re looking for someone with killer Photoshop skills (Illustrator and InDesign skills don’t hurt either), graphic design experience, and excellent administrative know-how. Knowledge of Wordpress and other social media platforms are a big plus. Must be a Los Angeles local, able to work full time in-studio, with a car.

Tasks include: Prepping blog posts, editing photos, creating graphics, responding to the  general email, assisting with shoots, office management, and helping with anything and everything.

If you’re an organized, self-starter, with great communication skills, a real “yes” disposition, and a “work hard, play hard” attitude you might be our perfect match.

Email your resume, website or portfolio, and social media links to

p.s. We’re always looking to collaborate with local fashion stylists, carpenters, and photographers too, so don’t be shy.

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7 years ago

Cool gig! Yup.

7 years ago

I’m laughing at how long I spent actually pondering this, since I own a business, have a husband and 2 kids and live on the east coast.

7 years ago
Reply to  Leigh

I’m laughing and laughing (and also nodding). Double points if you also have none of the requisite skills.

7 years ago
Reply to  Leigh

Yes! Me too. I have none of the requisite skills, live in the east coast, am a grandmother and haven’t “worked” a real job in at least 100 years! Guess Emily makes us all want to be on the team.

Just wow Emily!!!! no words .

7 years ago

Nice Post Emily, All your post are awesome.

7 years ago

I wish to the moon and back I could pick up and move to Ca. this job would be a GREAT FIT for my skills and I couldn’t think of anyone else I would want to work with more in the entire world. Sigh. Best of luck in your search! xo Riima

7 years ago

nice post thanks

7 years ago

Hey Emily. Your blog is awesome.