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We’re Hiring – Entry Level Blog Assistant

We're Hiring

We’re expanding AGAIN, and looking to hire a full-time blog assistant as soon as possible. We’re looking for someone with killer Photoshop skills (Illustrator and InDesign skills don’t hurt either), graphic design experience, and excellent administrative know-how. Knowledge of WordPress and other social media platforms are a big plus. Must be a Los Angeles local, able to work full time in-studio, with a car.

Tasks include: Prepping blog posts, editing photos, creating graphics, responding to the  general email, assisting with shoots, office management, and helping with anything and everything.

If you’re an organized, self-starter, with great communication skills, a real “yes” disposition, and a “work hard, play hard” attitude you might be our perfect match.

Email your resume, website or portfolio, and social media links to jobs@emilyhendersondesign.com.


p.s. We’re always looking to collaborate with local fashion stylists, carpenters, and photographers too, so don’t be shy.

  1. I’m laughing at how long I spent actually pondering this, since I own a business, have a husband and 2 kids and live on the east coast.

    1. I’m laughing and laughing (and also nodding). Double points if you also have none of the requisite skills.

    2. Yes! Me too. I have none of the requisite skills, live in the east coast, am a grandmother and haven’t “worked” a real job in at least 100 years! Guess Emily makes us all want to be on the team.

  2. Just wow Emily!!!! no words .

  3. Nice Post Emily, All your post are awesome.

  4. I wish to the moon and back I could pick up and move to Ca. this job would be a GREAT FIT for my skills and I couldn’t think of anyone else I would want to work with more in the entire world. Sigh. Best of luck in your search! xo Riima

  5. Hey Emily. Your blog is awesome.

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