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We’re Hiring …

Its that time again. We are expanding the team, y’all, because despite our best efforts Ginny, Brady and I (with the help of Emily and Karley now an then) just can’t keep up, stay on top of, or get ahead of the the work. Its a VERY good problem to have, that I am INCREDIBLY grateful for, and one that is easy to solve. Just need more help, right?

1. We are desperate for a photography/social media person. This person must have a good eye, have photography and basic graphic design skills, but I don’t expect you to have a killer portfolio … yet (you will in a couple years). So don’t worry about perfecting your web-site, I’m more interested with your instagram account. We have a lot of content to create and would love to have someone permanently on the team (day to day) to help create said content and elevate every post to the next level. Or maybe I just want someone to be secretly documenting my life, following me like the papparazzi. In fact, I may ignore you, put my hand in front your lens and potentially get violent if we are in public. It will be so fun for you.

2. We also need a freelance graphic designer – someone to constantly keep the press/media kit updated, work on blog posts/upkeep, and help with some code (although not too much – just updates and simple tweaks). This could be remote but if you are in LA, then it could grow into a bigger position (re-brand?). For now its part time, hourly, as needed.

3. We are in need of project managers/lead designers that have a lot of experience with residential design. This isn’t an assistant position this time. You need to have worked as a lead designer or project designer at a residential design firm as you will be taking on clients on your own. Ginny and I are too swamped to take on everyone, so its time to find the right person that can really conceptualize, design and execute under my art direction. We will always be looking for more right people so there is no deadline for this – its a freelance job, project by project, contract to contract. So if you aren’t seeing this post for a couple months but think you are the right fit, please email. Its really just about finding the right fit and i’m not hiring someone just to hire someone.

Submit all resumes, Pinterest boards, Instagram accounts and portfolios to and PLEASE put ‘photo job, graphic design job, or design job’ in the subject field so we can organize them and to ensure you don’t get lost in the madness. We won’t get back to anyone for a week (because we are clearly understaffed and this week is nuts) so don’t worry if you don’t hear back immediately! We’ll really start looking at resumes and portfolios next monday (10/13) and get back to people for next steps by the following monday).

(Also if you are looking for an assistant job email anyway with that in the subject. There are so many times when we are desperate and i’m just combing my emails trying to find anyone, so it may not be something we need now but we might in the future).

The biggest perk? You could potentially be bathing in this bathtub with us – its a weekly thing that builds teamwork and trust:


And if you are lucky you get to stare at Brady’s man cleavage (is that sexual harassment? ….nah….).

Spread the word, folks and if you are interested please send your stuff through!


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