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Wallpaper is happening in three houses.

Today is a big rush day because i leave tomorrow for New York to do the final (i hope) install at the Lake House and will be gone for a couple weeks (yes, Brimfield is a very strong pull right now).  Errands are getting ran like crazy. But i thought i’d show you what wallpaper i’ve just purchased (or are very much debating to purchase) for clients lately.  

First off, another OH JOY wallpaper from Hygge and West.  Its always one of my favorites.  Its graphic, yet floral and this color way makes it less feminine (which i love how feminine it is, but this office is shared both by husband and wife so the darker color way made more sense. Previously it looked like this:

And now:


Not styled yet, obviously, but its going to look SOOOO good. That is the West Elm chair next to it, that was limited edition so no longer available.  We had our contractor build floating shelves to create more storage and to engage the space more. The shelving cost was $600, the wallpaper installation was $300 (i think, maybe $250) and the wallpaper itself i think was 3 rolls.  Click here to see the other color ways or to purchase   Hygge and West   

Speaking of Hygge and West, we are also using this wallpaper in The Lake House in the downstairs 1/2 bathroom.  Remember the house is a relaxed country house with kids and a very playful, unpretentious vibe, so this wallpaper BELONGED in the bathroom.  

So happy. 

We are doing the first color way (the blue and yellow), but i wanted to show you the scale of it which is soooo big and airy, and we are doing all four walls. 

It’s designed by Julie Rothman, and i love love love love love it.  Click HERE for more color ways or to purchase. 

Here’s a theory of mine that nobody seems to agree with much – i find that only doing one wall in a way can make the room MORE busy then doing all four walls. If you do one wall then you have really struggle to balance out the rest of the walls.  Obviously it  depends on the architecture, and sometimes its the perfect chance for an accent wall (like the first picture – it just wants to be wallpapered and easily looks like its own nook).  But i love wallpapering all four walls in a room if you have the budget.  Like in Joy’s house – it just looked like a big floral hug.  I guess the key to this is having a wallpaper who’s pattern isn’t too small or busy.  You know, so you don’t get vertigo coming home every night.  

See what i mean? It doesn’t look busy, it looks balanced, and warm.   We should have painted that beam white.  Sorry, Joy. My bad.  

Also this is why i have often just done the top half of the room and painted the bottom half – it saves money on wallpaper and installation but the room feels more complete, intentional and balanced, not one big wall that has all the attention and then the other three trying to compete.  

The key is to pick something that can be an easy background to furniture and accessories.  Gold is neutral, which is why it worked at Joys – the contrast was soft. But the black and white ‘people’ wallpaper was very busy, so by only doing it on the top half i gave the eye time to rest on the bottom half, and yet by doing it on all four walls it actually softens the busy-ness. This actually is such a great wallpaper for an accent wall, by the way – still one of my absolute favorites.  I’m DYING to use it in a kids play room where they can color in all the people however they want with markers and crayons and eventually (after years) they’d have the entire thing done.  Its’ called ‘All of us together’ by Pottok Prints. Check it out HERE.  And I know you can purchase it through Walnut Wallpaper. 

Finally, we are trying to get our newest client to go for this Farrow and Ball wallpaper that i’ve been wanting to use forever:

So pretty.  And i love it in this larger scale and darker colorway, too:

It may not happen for this client, they are on the fence.  But i still love it and wanted to share. Check out all the colorways, HERE. 

Off to NY, friends. Expect some New York themed posts coming up the next couple weeks.  



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