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Vintage Vegas Design

Downtown Vegas might not be the strip, but the vintage charm is alive and stripping.

I’ve previously not been the biggest fan of Vegas.  Gambling makes me sad, douchers make me annoyed and hookers ALWAYS get the guys i like.  Don’t get me wrong, i’ve always had a really fun time, especially at the Flamingo, but there is something about it that has previously kinda depressed me afterwards (although the lack of saritonin and the extreme headache don’t help the situation).  

Well.  Hold the phones, folks, because last night my friend and former assistant, Rebecca, took me downtown to explore Vegas in the 70’s and i found the MY Vegas.  


The Golden Nugget.  Hey hoteliers, please don’t tear this down.  It’s just so glamorous and sparkly.  

 These leather and brass chairs were soooo good.  

Such beautiful chandeliers.  All glass and brass and deco amazingness.  (or 80’s, sometimes its hard to tell).  

Turquoise, gold and lights = good casino.  

This carpet will be controversial, i know, but i kinda loved it…..

Also i met these nice people:



They wear feathers, glitter, gold and beads everyday thereby succeeding in having the best job on the planet (They’d probably disagree). I was the most modestly dressed person in Vegas, literally wearing a long sleeve blouse, buttoned up to my chin with a big bow and long jeans, and i still got mistaken for a hooker and approached by some questionable dudes.  I mean, dressed like that I would be the most boring hooker on the planet…..or would I……

And this is my boyfriend. He just got off his horse, in from the ranch, and he forgot his shirt!  Silly, boyfriend! And yes, i paid him $2 to let me take that photo.  Such a weird job. 

So there you have it. I spoke at the World market Design Conference, and now i’m off to Blog-Her blog conference in New York to be in the Leggett and Platt booth from 1-5 Friday and Saturday.  PLEASE come by and say, ‘hi’ and lay on a genius bed with me. Spooning is an option.  

And visit The Rebecca’s blog, she’s the one that i referenced in this oh so controversial post about how to be a good assistant, because she (and Orlando OF COURSE) are extremely amazing and i would have died last year without them.  



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