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Vintage finds…Should i buy them?

From Craigslist, Etsy and other online resources these are vintage pieces i’m VERY tempted to buy right now.

Let me be clear: I don’t need these. I shouldn’t prioritize them into my life and i have no right spending my saturday morning shopping online.  But when i saw this i died:

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It’s a Paul McCobb Oree-join-al.   It’s way too expensive at $1999, but i’m thinking of offering $1450 and see if i can get it.  It’s modern and simple, yet has enough unique character not to bore me and it will perfectly balance out all my crazy grandma 70’s stuff.  The simple lines, the brass, the rosewood….I’m literally talking myself into it as i write this. The problem: i don’t NEED it.  Truly.  But my heart, soul and groin want it so bad. 

UPDATE as of 8/27:  i went and saw it today and its truly beautiful but much smaller than i thought. It basically has to sit on a credenza.  I instantly knew i wasn’t going to buy it and i was soooo relieved because i was previously terrified that i would buy it and i don’t need to be spending the money.  So glad i went and found out so i don’t regret it for the rest of my life.  

Pair of vintage chinese lamps:

Whimsy Asian Inspired Pagoda Lamps

OK. I don’t NEED these either, but the colors are awesome and obviously me.  The pair is $350 which is not a bad price for two really unique lamps.  I will have to buy shades which adds at least another $100 to the price tag.  I think i just talked myself OUT of these, but help me decide. 

This fish:

Vintage Sailfish Tag & Release

I swear to god i’m not drunk. Unless you count being totally intoxicated by the idea of this being in my house, over my headboard….above my tv……It’s 80″ long which is hefty and its $550.  I’ll probably skip it because its expensive and i really want that Paul McCobb shelving unit now, so this may not be a priority in my life.  I can’t believe i just wrote that…..that this ‘vintage sailfish’ may not be a priority in my life.  what is wrong with me?????

Meanwhile i just missed buying these:

Vintage Brass Geometric Shelves


Vintage Brass Geometric Shelves

I was mad that i missed them but truly didn’t need them. Although I could have put them in my bathroom…..AHHHHH NOW THEY SHOULD BE MINE!!!  Whatever, i’m getting the Paul McCobb shelving unit.  

Mirror folding screen:

Don’t need this, but i want this sooooooo bad with all its 80’s goodness.  Put it in that corner that doesnt’ get a lot of light and it will instantly liven up the whole space. 

I also fell in love with this papa bear chair for $699…..

Mid Century Gorgeous Wing Back Papa Bear Looking Chair

Mid Century Gorgeous Wing Back Papa Bear Looking Chair

It’s not cheap but its real leather so way cheaper than most new leather chairs. Such a statement piece, oh those lines, those tufts, those nailheads…..and in brown leather…….

So the question is:  if i can get that shelving unit for $1500 do i buy it???? I’m sure i can find a place for it…..



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