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vintage chair before and after

Last night I was trolling my old photos in my old computer looking for some that are probably totally lost when i found the ‘before’ photo of Joy’s studio. I remember buying those chairs for $5 each at a thrift store deep in the valley. They were DISGUSTING.

But the lines are cute and playful, and the scale was small. We bought the fabric at Home, downtown LA for $30 a yard and its super high quality velvet, I think and they each needed 3 yards I believe. And then the labor (and all new foam) was probably around $250 each (I think). Meaning $810 for the pair. Not a steal but certainly WAYY less than 2 custom chairs from any store.

Again, here they were at the thrift store:

vintage chair

And look at them now!


Studio photos by the lovely Zeke Ruelas.  Check out the lobby, office, kitchen, dining, shelving and storage areas of joy’s studio.


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