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If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that I’m in the middle of shooting a bunch of videos for Target. Not little ‘one camera, 2 hour, maybe there will be a siren in the background’ kinda vidoes. Nay. These things are planned, supported and executed with an intense level of creativity and professionalism. Like a 70 person crew and working with one of the most best creative agencies in the country, Partners and Spade. Its awesome.

I mean, look how much fun I’m having. My friend Bri stopped by to do a post for her blog and we just laughed and laughed. I think she just got done telling me the one about the blogger, her ballet flats and the huge round balloon. It was hilarious.


Then that baby, Charlie, came to visit during lunch/touchups and he was terrified/entranced by what Danielle was doing to my face (she does miracles on my face every day, by the way). He stayed and watched the videos a bit (during non-talky times so he couldn’t disrupt the sound) and it was insanely fun to see his face amongst the SEVENTY crew members watching me. He was sitting far away but still had a massive smile on his face every time I caught his eye. Perhaps he is also really into the upcoming Target pieces for Fall and Holiday. Either that or he also heard the one about the blogger and the big round balloon. Trust me … its hilarious.

I’ll explain more later, but there were four sets like the living room below, full of different furniture (mostly vintage) and lots of accessories (mostly Target). They were designed BEAUTIFULLY by production designer Meghan Duran and styled by Scott and of course my life-lines,  Ginny and Brady (and yes, I helped, too).


And by the way there is a MASSIVE room of vintage pieces (in addition to the massive room of Target Product that I didn’t take a photo of today) that is very exciting to be in. Its hard to really see what is there but trust me that there are a lot of amazing things to help compliment the Target product i’m styling with. Scott Horne (one of my very best friends in the world) was hired to style the shoot and is responsible for all the vintage pieces here. He’s wonderful and I want everything in this room.


Yes, there are christmas trees because we do holiday very early in the commercial world. Also Charlie saw the holiday set and freaked out and now I CAN’T WAIT til Christmas.

All in all its been a totally wonderful week. Every single person on set is awesome, so helpful, has a good attitude and most importantly cares about making these videos good. I seriously don’t have ONE thing to complain about. Its just awesome. Sure, I miss Charlie, what with my 7:30am – 8pm days (by choice, they wrap me at 6:30 but I like to stay to prep for the following morning). But next week Brian, Charlie and I are on vacation all week so I know i’ll make it up to him then. I’ll be in his face so much all week that he’ll be like, ‘hey lady, maybe give me some space, eh?’ because apparently he is a 1950’s mafioso from Brooklyn.

Anyway. So, thats why i’ve been a bit absent. More details and behind the scenes next week, but I just wanted to check in real quick and say ‘hi’ and ‘tgif’. Stay tuned for these videos. Unless I somehow royally mess them up, I think they might be pretty good thanks go all the people involved. xx


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