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How To Add Personality To Your Neutral Space

spanish style makeover

It’s a problem riddling America. People just keep it too “safe” design-wise and end up in neutral town. That’s totally fine if that matches your personality, but it can end up looking way more boring than you are if it doesn’t. And as a person who loves color, it generally makes me sad and underwhelmed. Sure, I love a bright white room, but I don’t love a cream on ivory on taupe room — and yet it’s so easy to find ourselves living in that color palette because making big color choices can be scary.

In this video I show you how to add color and personality to your neutral space. When I started with this apartment it looked like this:

before living room

And now it looks like this:

spanish style makeover

You’ll notice the walls stayed the same (we weren’t allowed to paint) and the sofa is actually oatmeal (neutral) and yet it’s full of color. Check out how we did it in this video tutorial:

To read about the whole before and after with all the resources and tips, go HERE. Meanwhile, have an excellent Monday.

This video was in partnership with West Elm but all opinions, designs, thoughts, feelings, and inner desires are all my own. Thank you West Elm for giving me a lot of creative freedom on this partnership and thank you readers for getting behind the partnerships that keep the blog in business. xx

Resources: West Elm Dunham Sofa sectional, Empire Rug, metallic side table, Origami coffee table, black and white chevron pillow.

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