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Emily Henderson

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by Emily Henderson

Obsessed with the picture on the right.  It makes me want to paint my body orange, and eat an orange orange.  Both from Skona Hem.  

Right now all i want to blog about is how starting this second i’m on a serious all-you-can’t-eat diet.  that doesn’t make sense, actually.  my brain is done, too full of fried foods and booze. point being, my friend Corbo’s (click her name to check her blog, yo) and I are going to do some drastic de-toxing for a while.

Summer takes a toll on the body, especially a summer with a lot of celebration and a lot of stress-eating/drinking.  My summers are always debaucherous and being the virgo that I am i always insist on going super hard and hitting bottom before the requisite Fall productivity mode.  (I do this around the holidays, too….its strangely self-destructive and super effective at the same time)

So my birthday was last week (same as Rachel Zoe’s i was not surprised but extremely happy to find out) and I had my best friends wedding over the weekend – which was effing amazing in every way, will post pics as soon as i get them.  So, I did such a good job hitting bottom, folks.  I mean, i’m terrific at hitting bottom.

And its time to move this pale little bottom into gear.

…..  starting tomorrow maybe.  I have hours of RHONJ, RHODC, Flipping out, Rachel Zoe, Sarah’s house, Real Genevieve, Project Runway and Top Chef to catch up on.  Shut up.   I used to feel guilty about the amount of reality tv i watched considering my husband is an actor (whose job is perpetually endangered due to reality tv), but now that i’m in the unscripted Hollywood world (thanks to a reality show), i feel its my duty to give hours of my week to the best of the unscripted.  For it is thee whom i love the most.

Regular post tomorrow.  After a 3 mile run where i will not stop whenever i want to (every other block). I promise.

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