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Utilitarian & Chic #2 – the kitchen

When you move into a new house you have fantasies of your new life – you’ll cook more, you’ll keep things clean, you won’t leave apple cores in your freshly detailed car. Moving makes me want to buy everything new and fresh, which is why I’m continuing this series in the kitchen. I no longer have those left over ugly dish towels from college, nay, I’m starting fresh with some of these pretty girls:

1. Knit pot holder I very rarely hold any pots but I want to own this pot holder just to hold this pot holder.

2. Oil & Vinegar Simple, chic and alphabetically correct.

3. Marble & wood cheeseboard For my Scandinavian cheese parties. Duh.

4. Salt & pepper cellar To warm up all my whites.

5. Grey bake-set Now to learn how to bake …

6. Enamel teapot Now to start drinking tea …

7. Olivewood Canister When canisters are this pretty I will decant my bow-tie pasta. Also how cute are bow-tie pasta and why do we insist on calling them a terrible word like farfalla?

8. Pestle and mortar I feel like rich women on the East coast, in Nora Ephron movies cook with such utensils… And I want to be such a woman.

9. Cookbook holder It holds cookbooks but more importantly it holds tablets with recipes. This I actually need badly because the other night when I made my FAMOUS (no it’s not) organic chicken (no-noodle) and vegetable soup, I had to reach for my phone for the recipe every 2 minutes.

Here’s what I’m loving, kitchen-wise;  black, white and pops of weird 90’s colors:

Utilitarian & Chic Kitchen

Utilitarian & Chic Kitchen

I love that we love ‘flesh’ now. The color, obviously, not the meaty under-skin portion of my body. Unless you are a zombie in which case ‘flesh’ has always been on trend for you.

Utilitarian & Chic Kitchen

Utilitarian & Chic Kitchen

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That floor is insane. These kitchens are dramatic and weird, like the girls in high school that refused to be friends with me because they thought I was too bubbly.

Perhaps its not really me … but for now I’m digging them…


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