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Untamed Modern Funk, Part Deaux

Alright, so lets head on into the Dining room. The untamed modern funky dining room.  

Their table was kinda good, but yes, could go ‘Contemporary Board room’ really easily.  

The yellow painting was done by Orlando, who is the best.  Just generally, the best. Check his blog, people, you will fall in love.

And the print next to it is from Etsy, buy it (or one by the same artist, Virginia Kraljevic here)

I realized i don’t have any pulled back shots, sorry.  But i will say that those chairs (the wood ones, not the grey ones) were dope and i would have given my middle left toe to have found 6 of those instead of the 4 i found at the flea market.  I feel like that toe is kinda unnecessary.  Pinky? yes.  But that one i could have sacrificed.  Those chairs were $50 each, all four for $180. I’m so sorry i don’t have a better picture.  When my computer crashed i lost all my flea market shots.  blast. 

I painted the base white, I KNOW, I KNOW, sometimes i paint things white. Get over it.  It needed it.  It was kinda cherry wood before and wasn’t working for me at all.  White freshened it up a ton and brought it into the 21st century.  Check out that leather chess set… I’ve been hoarding this for a while. Bought it for $5 at the flea market for myself….(because you play chess so often, emily? and when you do you prefer it on a handmade leather chess set?)

shut up.  maybe.

Its good, though, right?

This incredible chandy is from Velocity Art and Design and I love love love it.  Link Here.    It was totally perfect for them…… ‘funky’ but modern.  We did the most hilarious thing putting it together though.  It had a sticker on every single socket thingy and i was all, this is stupid why would you put a sticker on each one of these for someone to take off? then when we went to put in the bulbs we realized that each socket has basically a different sized bulb…not all of them, but it was kinda hilarious.  So if you have the fortune to buy this guy, don’t take off the stickers until after you bulb it.  That’s a new verb, by the way.  bulbing it. 

Oh, i’ve got a good one:

How many prop stylist does it take to change a light bulb?

‘Oh, hmmm….i don’t know….what do you think?’   (that one really kills it at a photo shoot, by the way).

Anyway, here’s a few more from this space.  Remember all photos by Mark Champion.  Heeeeee is the champion…my friend……and he’ll keep on shooting….til the end. dun, dun, dun dun….

Um, look how cute that little elephant teapot with the peonies is? i want to eat it.  And that print is by Ashley G, which i ordered on Etsy.  Her stuff is great, see  it here.  

OH and i misquoted the rug price yesterday.  First of all it you can buy it here  And secondly it was 8×10 for $698, which i realize isn’t nothing, but for an 8×10 graphic fun and ‘haven’t seen a ton’ rug, that is pretty pretty good.  

The yellow paint color by the way is Glidden ‘Fresh Pineapple, many of you asked.  Yellow can be tricky and my assistants can tell you, i don’t like a butter yellow, so this one is really acid-y which i like. 

When i first painted the front of those shelves teal it looked like crazytown.  I knew it instantly but lived with it for a couple hours before i decided it really had to go.  I think i was trying to push it for Kirk and Joni, so it was as unique as possible, but it just looked silly and like i was trying too hard.  Which i was.  

What you missed:

1. They needed a sofa-bed of some sort for Joni’s siblings to be able to visit so when Joni saw that the sofa pulled out, serious tears.  I mean, dripping off your chin.  Which makes a stylist really really happy.

2.  They wrote and sang me a song called ‘Secrets from a Stylist’  It was on camera so i’m super super bummed it didn’t make it in because it was sweet, hilarious and kinda awesome.  They harmonized and everything.  

Overall, such a totally totally fun episode.  One i was nervous about, but ended up really great in every way. 

I’m in New York, being sported by Brizo with a bunch of my favorite bloggers (to be named later, i don’t want to forget any and then feel bad).  The weather here blows, but sometimes its kinda nice to just hole up in a hotel, watch ‘Prom’ (2011) and get back on the blog.

Because i’m back, people.  Expect daily original content, perhaps even with some personality again. Later, ‘phoning it in, Emily’.  Hello ‘non-burnt out Emily’.

Oh and starting next week when i get back i’m starting my new interior design clients.  I’ve already assembled a team of associates, but looking for interns still. Send a resume through the ‘contact’ form. And for those of you who already have, don’t worry i haven’t interviewed anybody yet.  Will do probably next week.  

And if you live in the LA area and want some secrets done to your house by yours truly and my team, fill out the ‘Design Services’ form from the link across the top of the blog and somebody will get back to you asap.  


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