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Under the weather …

I’m supposed to post about the Baby Shower with lots of photos of the amazing decor and drinks that my friends pulled together but I woke up sick yesterday for the first time in what felt like years. Not REALLY sick, just enough of a cold that writing a 5 hour post at 7pm after Charlie went down seemed as easy to do as finding true love on the bachelor – unlikely but not altogether impossible. So, I decided to go to bed instead as I obviously don’t want to get more sick and then get my 2 month old Charlie sick. Although i’m convinced that he went all ‘Juan Pablo’ with his girlfriends and contracted this cold and gave it to ME. Who’s to say that I’m the culprit?

So come back tomorrow for a proper post.

Meanwhile i’ll be nursing this cold and tending to Brian’s severe hypochondria while reminding him its ok that I nurse Charlie while i’m sick. The good thing about marrying a hypochondriac is that you never have to worry about them neglecting their kids when they are sick … thats for sure. 🙂

Photo by MM Gray Photography


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