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Secret Source: This UK-Based Store Sells Cheery, Anthro-Style Decor at Target Prices (+ Our 17 Favorite Pieces)

Here’s the truth: despite being EHD’s resident over-sharer, I’ve kiiiiinda been holding out on you over the last few years. Gatekeeping, if you will. I KNOW. It’s criminal! My job is literally to spill the beans on the best home decor resources – and I do try! – but as it turns out, there are a few (or, uh, more than a few) thrift stores, vintage vendors, and online retailers that I’ve selfishly kept to myself for a little too long…

Until right now. That’s right, folks: welcome to the first-ever edition of Secret Source, in which I highlight one of my favorite budget-friendly retailers. (Read: My apartment is finally starting to feel “done” – whatever that means – and I’m no longer worried about competing with millions of readers for cute and affordable home goods. SO…IT’S SHARING TIME. Let’s sell some stuff out!)

Today, I’m taking you across the pond and introducing you to my tried-and-true destination for cheerful gifts, whimsical decor, luxe bedding, and so much more. (Europeans, be warned: you may already know this one!) If you love the Anthropologie aesthetic but find that your style and your wallet aren’t always in agreement (uh, hi, SAME), this one is for you! I hereby present Oliver Bonas, a UK-based high-street shop that sells some VERY cute homeware. Wanna take a quick peek at some of their EHD-approved inventory?

Fringed Cushion Cover, $41

OK, CUTE. These large cushion covers are the perfect way to add a vibrant pop of color to your space, but they’re also an easy way to test out the fringe trend without splurging on a new piece of furniture. (They’re also a great alternative if you love this look, but can’t justify spending $125 on a single pillow.) I grabbed a pair in green and pink for my bedroom (my go-to colors, shocker!) but you can still nab them in navy and green, lavender and rust, ink and coral, and pink and wine red.

Mustard Cotton Placemats (Set of 2), $15.50

These embroidered cotton placemats are 100% cotton – what a score for the price, right? – and they’ll bring a really charming English cottage sensibility to your kitchen or dinner table. To finish the look, supplement with matching mustard cloth napkins (or these complementary blush napkins, pictured above!).

Striped Marble Coasters, $28.50

If you told me you spent $200 on these coasters at a store like Nickey Kehoe or Jayson Home, I would absolutely believe you. The striped marble is so elevated and polished – it’s a design-forward piece at an accessible price. (PS. These would make a great gift for your decor-loving friend!)

Green Ring Box, $21.50

The print! The tassel! The contrasting lining! This ring box feels like it would be right at home in Matilda Goad’s living room, don’t you think? I love small boxes like this for functional styling – it would look chic as a standalone piece on a dresser, but it’d also look so pretty perched atop a stack of books.

Bobbin Wooden Photo Frame, $36.50

This one was a really good deal (…and I also bought one a few months ago). Bobbin frames are normally pretty expensive – the comparable versions on Anthro are over $75, and it costs about $40 to DIY something similar – so finding a high-quality version (just wood, brass, and glass!) that can either be hung on a wall or displayed on a flat surface for only $36 is a total win. That green is such a perfect vibrant pop of color, too – it feels very Luke Edward Hall.

Whippet Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers, $25.50

AHH. So much charm. These vintage-inspired salt & pepper shakers are a modern interpretation of a classic canine motif. They’d bring a ton of cheer and whimsy to any kitchen or dining room, don’t you think?

Beaded Napkin Rings (Set of 2), $9.50

I know it’s fall, but don’t these have you dreaming of a spring dinner party? (Honestly, they could even be really pretty at Christmas if you leaned into that a sweet and classic red, green, and pink color palette.) There’s something about the beading that makes them feel a little more special and personal than a traditional napkin ring and I literally cannot believe that you can currently grab a pair for under $10.

Beaded Napkin Rings (Set of 2), $9.50

…or, if you’re a big ol’ freak and bugs are more your style (guilty as charged!!!), you cannot go wrong with these playful beaded insect rings. Do I own cloth napkins? No. But did I buy these with the knowledge that one day, I will own cloth napkins? I SURE DID.

Marble Pepper Mill, $47.50

It’s not all whimsy, though – there are some really simple, beautiful, heirloom-quality pieces available at Oliver Bonas, too. Case in point: this marble and stainless steel pepper mill which weighs a ton (in a positive way – it feels great to use) and works like a charm.

Gold & Glass Dried Flower Jewelry Box, $43

I’ve been thinking about these classic jewelry boxes since spotting one in the bedroom refresh Sara did for her parents – the mix of glass and brass is just so timeless. Plus, the dried flowers here are such a really sweet touch. (If boxes aren’t really your thing, it also comes in a tray form!)

Velvet Photo Frame, $27

ADDED TO CART. Own it, love it. And this velvet frame is just the tip of the iceberg – they stock SO MANY cute options. (I love this one with brass inlay stars, too.) For the record, we’re between seasons right now and fall collections should be dropping on the site any day now – I cannot wait to see what the new frame options look like!

Beetle Trinket Pot, $25.50

If you love the look of vintage brass but don’t have the time (or desire) to spend a morning digging through piles of stuff at the flea market, this trinket dish is for you. No one can tell me that this wouldn’t cost at least $80 at Anthropologie. (PS. The strawberry and butterfly jewelry stands are also still available if you’re interested!)

Strawberry & Elderflower Ceramic Candle, $29

LOVE. Is there anything better than a vessel that can do double duty? After this candle burns out, use the sweet ceramic strawberry to stash coins, ticket stubs, jewelry, candy…I mean, the world’s your oyster. (If you prefer a bright and citrusy scent, the lemon version is a bit larger and smells DIVINE.)

Velvet Jewelry Box, $43

Grab the small one for $27, the medium for $43, the large for $47.50, or a set of all three (you know, just in case you’re also hoping to have a moody photoshoot of well-lit boxes in your own home). They’re literally jewel-toned jewelry boxes, guys. Genius.

Whippet Bottle Opener, $21.50

It’s my go-to gift! (Is anyone surprised?) If you’re at a total loss as to what to gift someone – a coworker, an acquaintance, a hard-to-shop-for friend, perhaps? – you can’t go wrong with a fun beverage (beer is great, but local bottled sodas are also a great choice if they enjoy sugary beverages!) and a practical tool like this bottle opener. It’s a little more exciting than the standard-issue black and steel version, don’t you think?

Beaded Jewelry Box, $22

Be honest: are there too many beetles in the post? (To be fair, they’re definitely having a moment right now. I mean…remember the beetle-print bathroom tile we featured? SO GOOD. There are some newly released projects that have included similar entomological themes – I’ll drop some in the comments for us to discuss later.) ANYWAY. Would I happily accept anything to me if it were given in a charming little beaded and embroidered bug box? DUH.

Alphabet Glass Bottle Matches, $17.50

Final one, and I’m kind of cheating….because would these make a super cute gift? Yes. But would they also make a great, affordable DIY project? BIG YES. That’s what I love so much about Oliver Bonas – I’m consistently inspired by their styled shots and their inventory, even when I’m not looking to make a purchase. It’s a real treat when I can find an aspirational piece at a friendly price (case in point: those fringed pillows I mentioned up top!), but it’s just as special to find ideas for projects and products that I can tackle on my own, too.

A word of warning, before I leave you: shipping to America can be quick, but the website warns that it can also take an eternity (up to 6 weeks for certain pieces – I haven’t experienced that long of a delay, but I just want to make sure you’re aware). I think the wait is worth it – the quality:price ratio is great, so I wouldn’t mind an extra-long shipping window for any of my future purchases – but it’s something to keep in mind, especially when you’re purchasing gifts that need to be delivered by a certain time.

But with all that said…WHAT DO YOU THINK? How do we rate our first-ever Secret Source? WHAT SAY YOU?? See you in the comments… xx

*Photos via Oliver Bonas

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Roberta Davis
11 months ago

Definitely a winner! Cute things and good prices, like you say! Unusual things!

11 months ago

Whoa, some 90s memories unlocked! The beaded insect napkin rings brought me right back to the mid to late 90s— I was obsessed with collecting these beaded insects for “decor.” (Anyone else also go through a massive butterfly phase in the 90s?) And then the sweet glass jewelry box with pressed flowers…I had nearly this exact one from my grandma, and now I’m sad that it’s lost somewhere in time. Great round up, Caitlin!

11 months ago

Totally here for this! I hadn’t heard of Oliver Bonas before and there is some real cute stuff. Looking forward to future Secret Sources! Some of my favorite sources are from recs here, i.e., Mantel in PDX.

Pamela T
11 months ago

Love the color and playfulness of these wares!

11 months ago

Love this post and this new idea! Thanks for sharing!!

11 months ago

Reminds me of Pearl River.
Guess I’ve aged out of these styles. Makes me think of what I might have bought for my first apt in college.

11 months ago

What a great article! Thank you, Emily Henderson.

11 months ago

There isn’t one thing here I would actually order but my 12 year old would love it for her place! 🤪

Sue Sue
11 months ago

Loved this & look forward to more posts like this.

11 months ago

I live in the UK and “Anthropologie without the sticker shock” is EXACTLY how I describe it to folk who visit. Kind of off-topic, but I noticed that Restoration Hardware how now arrived in the UK, which I would describe as basically the opposite – “Sofology with a side of price-induced heart-attack”, etc. I can’t see it doing well here – there’s too much home-grown (and UK-made) competition – but I could be wrong.

11 months ago

I live in the UK and love Oliver Bonas. The retail outlets here are beautiful. There is always so many thanks that I would love to buy. They also have some gorgeous clothes and their jewellery is really good quality. So pleased the US have discovered OB. 😊

Amy P
11 months ago

Oh funny!!! My sister lived in the Fulham neighborhood of London from 2006-2010 and we used to shop at Oliver Bonas all the time!! Never occurred to me I could still shop with them online from the US over a decade later. Thanks for the tip!

11 months ago

I play a game in Jayson Home called “$12 or $200.” When you pick up an item there, you have no idea if it’ll cost $12 or $200 until you flip it over. I’ve found some awesome cheap items there and carefully put back a lot of crazy expensive ones!