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Ugly or amazing vintage?

I’ve been sick as a sick dog in a sick dog hospital.  i’ll fill you in later, although i do kinda still want your pity now.  

But i’m back-ish.  Nothing that watching 5 episodes of Game of thrones, 1 EFFING TERRIBLE episode of the bachelorette (i mean, she is as boring as a paper clip) and 4 episodes of Homeland can’t fix.  

And now its time to talk ‘Ugly things that i love’.  

You know that game. You are shopping along and something catches your eye (and gut) and you can’t tell if you love it or if its totally Effing hideous.  Sometimes its the price that sways you (either so cheap that you can’t help yourself or soo expensive that you think maybe you just don’t get it) but normally its just a gut reaction. 

1. Crazy portraits – $10 each, Lot of 25 – $150

Ugly? Sure. 

But did I buy? Yup.

I split them with my friend Corbett – she paid more and got all the best ones and framed 9 of them like this in one big frame. I have yet to do anything with mine, but i love the colors and the weird factor.  

Also art is an easy hoard.  Way easier than say this next piece:

2. Nutso chair

The shape is dope.  The floral fabric is kinda hilarious. But this needs to be in a photo shoot – not very many homes can handle it.  It was $200, I think, and in Cold Springs, New York so getting it home would have cost too much, plus the reupholstery….

Did i buy? Nope.

3.  Beautiful sofa.

Not exactly the Rachel McCadams of sofas (which i’ve recently decided after watching The Vow, The Notebook and The Time travellers wife all in one day that she is the most beautiful woman alive).  

But the scallops on the bottom made me look twice.  I want to recreate that sometime for someone – but in a better way than this monster of a sofa.  I think it was very cheap, but hoarding a sofa is a really big commitment and again, it was in Ventura, CA, which is an hour away so getting to my garage was going to be expensive and annoying. 

Did i buy? nope.  But i am still attracted to the arms and the scallop pattern.

3. Grandmas wicker headboard

Its awesome, but its a TWIN!!!!! i would have traded my blonde locks for this bad boy if it were a king. It was $16 but useless to me. 

Did i buy? nope.

4. Pair or regency chairsC’mon New York city!  How were these STILL avaialble at the flea market on Sunday afternoon.  No, i don’t need them and NO shipping them to LA wasn’t an option (even gettting a car service to take them to the shippers on a sunday is like $100) but i’m disappointed that these weren’t snatched up.  

The fabiric and wood color? horrible. The shape of the chair? AMAZING.

Did i buy? Only in my dreams. Shame on you, New Yorkers.  

5. Wire outdoor chairsThese were $100 each and i do love them a lot. I have a huge rustic wood table that is going to be my outdoor dining table and these would look amazing with that.  But only 2 does me no good.  Had there been six i would have bought them (but not for $600 – more like for $400).  

Did i buy? nope. Also Brian might have divorced me.

6.  80’s gold mirror

$60 from Cold Springs in New York.  In really good condition, but definitely not an aged brass – this lady is shiny.  Its big, too, like 2 1/2 feet tall. 

Did i buy? You betcha.  It went straight to the Lake House master bedroom and straight into my accessory spank bank. 

7. This lady: 

$75 for ANOTHER strange lady on my walls.  It’s an oil painting and it is big  – like 2 x 3 1/2. The colors are beautiful and i love the abstract quality.

Did i buy? Yes siree.  Just got her back from the framers (Hotel De Ville) and she looks AMAZING.  Will shoot and post next week. 

8. Crazy pink bench:

$200 of crazy grandma goodness.  So ugly, but in the right house (maybe not mine….just maybe i have enough ‘crazy grandma goodness’ in my house) it could be amazing.  

Did i buy? Nope. Not yet.   But i do regret not buying and hoarding.  My future daughter will forever mourn not having this piece in her baby room.  (although it still might be available and i still might be a hoarder just enough to go back and buy). 

9.  Yellow bench:

The shadows are weird on it, but the yellow velvet is a good color. The diamond tufting on top is awesome. The price, $100, is great. The legs as is are not perfect, but dark charcoal grey????

Did i buy? Yup.  

The base is sprayed a dark gray now – And THAT IS AN UNFINISHED AND UNSTYLED ROOM. You’ll see finals soon enough (with sources) but i wanted to show you how good it looked in the space.  

10. Glass Grapes

When they are hanging like a pendant (with a light) i can’t seem to resist.

The sheer quirkiness is so up my alley. But both of these were around $150, each. And i do think that in a certain room, styled perfectly they could be worth $150. But otherwise they are a $40 ‘maybe i can make this fun’ kinda purchase.  So i skipped both of them….but in my iphoto files i have an inordinate amount of glass grapes (or brass grapes…ahhhhh) photos that clearly i’ve been tempted by. I collected them in high school and then i grew to hate them in my 20’s but alas, its back – they are just happy, reflective quirky little animals.  Not in orange or purple. But i love the bright blue, green or pink.


Any i should have bought  that i didn’t?

Or any mistakes?

Did you like this game?


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