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Trolling Craigslist… Toronto!

Shockingly good this week. I’ve never been to Toronto but we went to Montreal for our Honeymoon and liked it. You know, because all Canadian cities are the same. Lets troll.

trolling CL toronto yellow lamp

1. $100 Mid Century Industrial Desk Lamp You should be $80 but I like your shape and style a lot.

2. $150 Thonet Style Rocking Chair If only you were gold, you pretty curvy lady.

3.  $170 Brass Side Table and Shelf That side table is ridiculous in its round simplicity. The shelf could be hideous in person but if styled right  it could be great: think big pretty books, awesome pottery, graphic simple shapes in a larger space … oh and a bar, duh.

trolling CL toronto sets of chairs

4. $300 Pair of Whicker Shell Chairs Yes. And while this sounds expensive it’s actually a pretty good price for these two chairs. They can go inside, on a porch anchoring a corner and just being generally a really playful shape.

5. $80 Pair of Vintage Iron Chairs How dare you, you say? I see potential in these cheap little bastards. Naturally I want the black to be white, (‘sup spray paint) but keep that weird mint. They are 80’s certainly, but pair with a really simple white tulip style table (the Ikea a or CB2 versions aren’t very expensive. I wish they were $40 for the pair and not $80 because I bet these bad boys look like garbage in person. But I’ve been marathoning The Carrie Diaries (RIP) and so the 80’s are definitely speaking to me lately.

trolling CL toronto lighting

6. $95 Vintage Mushroom Lamp Yes. You can use it anywhere that you need a more modern element to make you look/feel/seem cool. Go mod or go home. Why oh, why would i ever write that sentence? 

7. $150 Mid Century Teak Chair GREAT. I’m not sure if it needs to be recovered but either way its a great chair for a good price.

8. $300 Vintage Brass Chandelier That sucker looks BIG. Just put some huge white (or clear) round bulbs on it and call it a night. Huge chandeliers are really expensive and there are a lot of big houses out there that need big chandeliers, so if you are one of those people, and you live in Toronto, then get online.

trolling CL toronto brass lamps

9.  $30 Bamboo Table Set Steal of the day. I bought this set for the Airbnb event in Austin and then had it sent back because it is so good. I ditched the table and use the chairs as just extra seating on my patio. I love them very much.

10. $200 Brass Floor & Table Lamp Yes, totally. Not sure why one of them has a harp, but I’m interested regardless.

11.  $50 Set of 4 Brass Parsons Chairs DUUUUUUUHHHH. Ah man. These are an insane deal. If I had a reason for needing them right now I would buy them and have them shipped. But I don’t and I’m working on not hoarding things from other countries.

trolling CL toronto folding chairs and lamp

12. $65 Pair of Vintage Folding Chairs I have four of these in mint that I bought 4 years ago at the flea market and showed you how I used them in my foyer in our old foyer HERE.  They are just so cute. I’m assuming they were something really common a long time ago that were used for events, but if anyone knows anything about them please tell me.

13. $125 Vintage Chrome Table Lamp Too expensive but I love it. Again, brass that thing and it would be just so much happier (p.s. brass plating is expensive  – I’ve been looking around and will write a post once I find a way to do it in an affordable way).

14. $40 Vintage Rolling Desk Chair If this were in LA I would buy it RIGHT NOW for Jen’s chair in the project (which we are 80% done with and its KINDA awesome). Trying to figure out how to pay for it and ship it from Toronto sounds so annoying, but the shape is wonderful and once recovered (in a custom fabric) it would be marvelous. Shoot, I think I’m talking myself into it right now.

15. $80 Vintage Apothecary Cabinet This one you’ll need to see in person because it could be garbage, just garbage in person. But it could possibly be a good little industrial sideboard in your house that everyone talks about. Hell, you could even put it on some pin legs.

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