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Trolling Craigslist… San Francisco

Ah, San Francisco. Almost close enough to actually buy and hoard. Its one of the most expensive cities in the world and yet there are some good finds, here. Check er out.

san francisco craigslist bamboo vintage eames chair desk chairs

1.  $75 bamboo side table Ok, actually on second thought nix this one. It’s not special and it’s too expensive. You, sir tray, should be $22.

2. $45 50’s retro lamp Now this one can be either HIDEOUS or kinda awesome depending on how you style it. Picture it in a bright white room, next to a white tufted headboard, on a mid century side table and NOT that lampshade. The green would pop and it would be oh-so Anthropologie.

3.$120 Eames Selig Chair That there is a good price for a classic chair. And the color of the leather looks really good.

4.$80 Vintage rolling desk chairs STEAL THESE. Except pay for them. They are awesome and would look super cute in any modern black and white office (or an office of color, any). $80 for two? Don’t be ridiculous.

San Francisco craigslist purple chairs and brass lamp

5. $475/pair Art Deco Chairs They are purple and super feminine, but I love them for the right space. If you are ballsy enough you could even do the scallops different colors. Wha WHAT?

6. $150 Set of Mid Century Chairs Cute. Not amazing. But cheap and cute.

7. $40 Brass Table Lamp This bad boy needs a drum shade then you are in business.

san francisco craigslist vintage couches

8. $200 Vintage Sofa  You are cute and feminine and sweet. Like the red-headed boy in the new Rachel McCaddams movie which i’m watching right now. Whats up with that casting???

9. $80 Mid Century Modern Daybed Oh yeah. I’d even keep that plaid on it (unless its disgusting). $80 for this thing????? A Total steal.

san francisco craigslist pair of chairs

10. $120 Pair of Bertoia chairs If these are real Bertoia chairs for $60 each then that’s insane. So perfect for my front deck.

11. $100 High back bamboo chairs These two are pretty awesome if you have that modern colonial house. Picture them flanking a credenza.

San Francisco lucite towel rack vintage sectional

12. $150 Lucite Towel Rack $150 is too much but I still want it. my towels are being seriously neglected right now just dangling on a hook. Its time I treated them properly and put them on some lucite.

13. $150 Vintage Sectional Its boxy and a lot of cushions, but those lines are good and the proportions of the arms are great and slim.

san francisco craigslist milo baughman and brass table

14. $6800 Restored Milo Baughman Sofa I only included this because its pretty, but OBVIOUSLY one should never spend $6800 on anything on Criagslist. Unless its buying $10, 000 of cash. That would be a good deal.

15. $195 Brass Coffee Table What a dreadful picture. ANd not an awesome coffee table, so never mind. I spoke too soon. don’t buy this bad boy. San Francisco has some crazy pricing but I did find some good ones, indeed.


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