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Trolling Craigslist… San Diego!


San Diego. You feel so close and yet you are three hours of aggravating traffic away. But that doesn’t mean I can’t troll your CL. You can’t stop me – you are too busy surfing and eating fish tacos and partying. So here I go:

SD Craiglist Lamp Table Chair

1. $80 Pair of Mid Century Lamps A pair of simple pretty lamps for $80 is not bad. Sure, you have to spend at least $20 more on shades, but still for flanking your sofa or your bed, these are easy to mix with other styles and totally simple.

2. $40 Vintage Triangle Coffee Table I would put this table in a corner, near a window and put a collection of plants on it. Maybe hang a few above it. I think its more ‘corner table’ than ‘coffee table’. But I love how straight and masculine it is.

3. $50  Vintage Saarinen Style Chair Cute little desk chair for your perfectly styled vignette.

SD Craigslist schooldesk lamp

4. $45 Simple Ceramic Lamp I LOVE this lamp and would own it in a second. Its mid-century but doesn’t scream Danish and just looks more classic. Someone better gobble this up real quick.

5. $65 Vintage School Desk I wish this were $45 but it’s still pretty cute, especially for a playroom. Kids may not actually sit on these to do their homework but they can climb all over them and they just look pretty adorable in photos. Perfect for your ‘farm house inspired playroom’.

SD Criagslist Side Table Chair Lamp

6. $135  Whicker Side Table So cute. Make this a bar. Put booze on the bar. Then put booze in your mouth. Hurry. It’s FRIDAY!!!! (slow tear ….. are we still saying ‘slow tear’? or was that ‘slow clap’? Wait … ‘single tear’ … that was it. Ugh. I’m pregnant, my brain sucks and I want to go to Happy Hour tonight after a super long work week. Note to all pregnant chicks – cheap massages are the new happy hour, that’s what i’ve been doing and its pretty much as fun).

7. $40 Vintage Wooden Table Lamp LOVE this simple wood lamp. I’m actually starting to think that there are enough things to buy in San Diego for a trip down there.

8. $60 Vintage Paul McCobb Chair Generally just buy anything ‘vintage Paul McCobb’. Although I hoarded a broken Paul McCobb chair for years, similar to this one in the blonde wood. All the way from New York. I was gonna fix it and never did, but was strangely still proud of myself for finding it on the street in New York and dragging it home. This is a good buy.

SD Craigslist Set fo Chairs

9. $150 Set of Rolling Chairs If only we had game rooms/tables anymore. Yes, these need to be recovered (black linen for your basement speakeasy?) and those legs wouldn’t get many cat calls, but I’ve needed these before, twice, so I’m attracted to them. Could they be office chairs? Dunno. Check the seat height because that could be real cute.

10. $40 Pair of Bamboo Side Tables/Stools OH GEEZZZZZ. Someone just buy these. They are just staring at me, begging me to style a ‘one sofa four ways’ post with them. So cute and cheap.

SD Craigslist table and chairs


11. $85 Bamboo Table Base and Glass Top This table could be rad. It’s really all about the chairs you put with it. I would do something super simple, sleek and modern (not contemporary, mind you). Stay away from anything too traditional or ornate. That base goes ‘crazy lady’, so just be sure that you contrast it with simpler chairs. I’m picturing some white saarinen style chairs or Eames inspired Eiffel chairs.

12. $40 Set of 6 Chairs  These can go a bit ‘restaurant’, but 6 simple black chairs for $60 is a STEAL. Pair them with a dope wood or marble table … forget about it.

SD Craigslist Dresser and Chairs

13. $75 Pair of Club Chairs & Ottoman These chairs scare me, but there is some potential here. You can’t hide their 50’s retro-ness, but there is something that I still really like about them. Recover them in a emerald green velvet (good luck finding that, i looked everywhere and finally found at Pindler and Pindler for like $70/yard .. check my online fabric guide for more ideas). These bad boys would not be cheap to recover – probably $350 – $400 each. But if you can get a pair of chairs for under $900. ten that is a VERY good price. When I was doing the show we didn’t have time to really budget – we were shopping too fast. So as I purchased I had ideas of what things should cost in my head, and I always tried to keep club chairs under $500 for budget reasons. This is difficult, but any good club chair that is $500 is a VERY good deal.

14, $150 Handsome Dresser Yes. You are handsome. Perfect for my country house that we’ll never buy because this house is sucking every penny out of us. We are tackling the exterior now and MAN, that is a boring way to spend money. But this dresser is a very cute way to spend it. Maybe i’ll buy this dresser instead of painting my whole house or replacing all the siding. Yes. This dresser will be fantastic for resale ….

Where to next??????

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