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Trolling Craigslist… Raleigh/Durham!


We are back from a long weekend camping and while it is my 35th birthday (monday) I’ve put off celebrating it because we just spent 4 days with 16 of our best friends in the woods, so we are a little partied out, if you know what I mean. So I’m eating General Tsao’s chicken take out and about to watch the finale of The Killing. But first, I must Craigslist …

Raleigh/Durham (its sister cities, right?), you did not disappoint. Lets get into it.

raleigh bamboo bed and sectional

1. $150 Eames Style Side Chair Ok, this guy in not a steal, and probably should be 1/2 that price, but at the perfect home office desk it would be so cute. The shock of red off a simple white desk would be VERY adorable.

2. $60 Bamboo Twin Bedframe Yes. Awesome. So cute. You could paint it virtually ANY color and it could be cute. Navy or forest green for a more masculine/sophisticated look (boy or girl) or bright yellow, hot pink, coral, blush, AHHH!!! In the right room it could really be any color (except anything that resembles wood/bamboo colors – don’t paint a natural tone on something natural or it looks like you are trying to fool someone). Obviously leaving it as is could work in a more vintage California, southwest-y look. Just as long as it’s not too shiny.

3. $100 Mid Century Sectional I hesitate to even include this because it can work in soooo few houses, but I love a curved sectional so much. They are so communal and conversational, but not good for lounging or cuddling (as there is no ‘cuddle corner’ as we call it). This bad boy probably needs at least 20 yards to cover and I think it would range $1500 – $2500 to reupholster. Again, i know that range is huge, but it really depends on your city, the market and how high-end you want to go. Read my ‘Everything you need to know about upholstering furniture’ and that might help.

raleigh vintage chairs

4. $250 Wingback Chair Your shape is good, your price is a bit high. I normally try to get my chairs around $500 – because that is around the price of a new club chair. But if they are really special (i think this chair is pretty special but not spectacular) then I don’t mind spending more. So this guy will be probably 4 yards of fabric and $300 to reupholster. If the fabric is cheap then it could be ok, but otherwise that could get kinda expensive. Also you have to figure in the cost of pickup/delivery unless you have a big car 🙂

5.  $25 Vintage Club Chair Now there is a cheap chair. And hideous. But in a pretty cream linen it could be lovely. You can make it more modern by taking off the skirt and putting on new legs (possibly mid-century style legs) OR leave the skirt for a more traditional look. Either way it wouldn’t be too expensive.

6. $150/e Pair of Vintage Tufted Chairs Yes. Cute. Recover them in a simple linen – any color would really be pretty – pink, mint, navy, emerald, coral, silvery-blue. Of course i’m not the biggest fan of muddy tones, but they could be pretty in a brown linen if that’s your thing.

raleigh durham cl ceramic lamp

7. $80 Ceramic Lamp Base Yes. That’s awesome. I would buy that 10 times over. It’s just so simple, but unique – my absolute favorite combo.

8. $80 Retro Side Chair ABSOLUTELY. It’s such a good corner chair – something that just perfectly engages a corner, has a really pretty simple shape, and yes can be sat in but lets face it, its more of a ‘looking at’ chair than a ‘sitting in’ chair.

9.  $45 Set of  Cane Back  Dining Chairs WONDERFUL. Put that set around a Saarinen table (or the CB2 or Ikea knock offs) and call it a day. These chairs want to be mixed with modern and not traditional (unless the traditional table you have is just simply GORGEOUS). So I’d go for cruising them around a simple modern table (all Scandy style) and BOOM, that is a cheap set of chairs.

raleigh kilim green chair and folding chairs

10. $50 Vintage Chair Whats up cutie? For the right vintage vibe you wouldn’t even need to recover it. That color is cute and that diamond tufting excites me.

11. $195 Kilim Rug Its good, but not amazing. I’m not going to have Brian take pictures of it while I’m not around so I can see it and stay updated on how its growing and whether or not it seemed happy. But its pretty good for $195.

12. $80 Vintage Folding Chairs Ok this might have been a bit of a mistake.  But once sprayed and recovered they could be pretty darn cute.

raleigh chrome rocking chair luite

13.  $150 Lucite Side Table See it in person. Make sure it’s not too scratched, etc. But I’m kinda into this little piece of glam.

14.  $100 Vintage Rocker I like how squared off this rocker is. It needs a paint job, so I’d suggest offering $60, but its cute.

15.  $150 Brass Sofa Frame This looks like chrome to me, but the frame is still pretty amazing. To get cushions made it could cost around $500 (fabric not included). That ain’t bad, folks.

Happy Tuesday, folks. And where should I troll next?

*Durham illustration found here


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