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Trolling Craigslist… Omaha

Just because I’m moving and having a baby does not mean that I don’t have time to troll Craigslist. Nay. I mean, does a food addict stop eating just because they are in a day long seminar? Does an athlete not go on jogs just because its raining? Does Kim Kardashian stop putting on mascara just because she doesn’t have a mirror?

You, busy life, can’t stop us. You won’t.

So I trolled Omaha, but wasn’t totally impressed with what I found … some good stuff but certainly not Pittsburgh standards. But its all part of the game … the gamble … the sport that is online shopping.

Lets play.

Brass Bed Chrome Chairs Omaha

1. $200 Brass Bed Price isn’t blowing me away, neither is the bed itself, but in the right room this could look super chic. What I like about it is how square and modern it is  … well for a brass bed.

2. $25/pair Retro Chrome Chairs Oh, that’s a super good price for two adorable office chairs. They don’t seem like they need recovering, but if you did them in the same color obviously they would be super cute as well (and an upholstery job like that shouldn’t be more than $80 – $120 each.)

Free Sofa MCM credenza Omaha

3. FREE COUCH Not bad for free. Reupholster it and get rid of that skirt. You’ll need probably 12 – 15 yards and the labor should be around $1000 – $1500 – possibly WAY less if you got some connections.

4. $550 Mid Century Credenza Meh. I’m stretching. It’s not that great for $550. This should be $230 because its just not unique enough – and we are in Omaha, people.

Vintage Chairs and Pair of Lamps Omaha

5. $100 Mid Century Office Chair Bummer that its vinyl but that wood is awesome.

6. $100 Brass Upholstered Side Chair Just in case your husband thought you were normal – surprise him with this super 80’s and very exciting chair. It’s not for everyone – maybe only for a couple of people (in the world), actually, but its pretty rad.

7. $35/pair  Vintage Indian Lamps They need the right context, for sure. I’m picturing them with a black and white striped modern sofa, a colorful kilem rug (or boucheriette rug) and some tassled pillows. OR keep it more refined flanking a clean lined linen sofa and an antique persian rug … The price is right for the pair, but watch it with the shades – those bad boys could add up. I use Replacement Lampshades to buy all my online shades.

8. $40 Industrial Desk Chair Color is cute. Seat is easy to recover. Grab her if that color works in your house, but otherwise skip that lady. Go for a simple color on the seat and pull it up to a white lacquer desk.


Card Catalog and Chair Omaha

9. $150/each Vintage Card Catalogs Because where else are you going to store your card catalogs for your home library? Sadly I do remember these from elementary school and junior high and things that we needed. I’m not even that old, guys. In LA these pieces are so expensive, not that this is a steal  because it ain’t. But its cool and authentic.

10. $20  Vintage Tufted Swivel Chair Pretty adorable for $20 don’t you think? Snag that bad boy … like yesterday. xx

Where to next? Montreal? Philadelphia?

Check out all the past Trolling Craigslists if you are an addict like me …

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