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Trolling Craigslist… Kansas City

Last weeks Nashville-gate (the lack of any cheap awesome finds) made me want to go somewhere smaller, with less of a vintage culture. So Kansas City it is, and my what wonderful things Kansas City did bring this week.

Milo Baughman Sofa Kansas City

1. $450 Milo Baughman Sofa You know how I feel about Sir. Milo Baughman. In the right space you do not even need to recover this bad boy. Therefore some lucky CL shopper will potentially take home a Milo Baughman sofa for $450 without any additional expenses. That, my CL friends, is a very good deal. I love the scale of the arms and the fluffiness of the cushions – if you do decide to recover it don’t add piping/welting – I’ve made that mistake before, just keep as originally intended.

2. $15 Full Wicker Headboard This falls in the ‘so cheap that you kinda can’t pass it up’ category. Is it the coolest wicker headboard I’ve ever seen in my life? Nope. But for $15 and the cost of a can of spray paint you have yourself a pretty adorable guest bedroom headboard. Its simple, cute and the cost of a martini in LA.

Vintage Lamps and Chairs Kansas City

3. $35 Pair of Milk Glass Lamps These lamps need a modern black drum shade and to be paired with a poppy tufted sofa – something that is vintage but in an updated color. Add a Moroccan boucheriette rug or a colorful art deco rug, a regency style coffee table and call it a day. A cheap ‘$35 pair of lamp’ day.

4. $30 Bamboo Rocking Chair Yes. These are the prices that I’ve been searching for.  A wicker chair should be $35 on Craigslist. This is adorable, a slightly unique shape with the whole rocking bit, and yet a really nice vintage wicker tone.

5. $45 Retro Rolling Desk Chair Forty-five!!!! Excellent price for a pretty great office chair for the perfect vintage studio. It might be a little faded, but for $45 its a total deal.

6. $50 Pair of Mid Century Modern Lamps So great. Yes, I’d like to update the shade with something fresh and more modern, but these two for $50 is a VERY good deal, friends. Perfect for night stands or flanking a sofa … or a credenza. Clearly anywhere, really. Read this post for lamp shade buying tips and resources.

Free Sofa and Drafting Table Kansas City

7. FREE Mid Century Sofa That is a cutey little sofa for $NOTHING. Yes, you’ll need to buy fabric (16 yards ish at $20/yard ish) plus labor, ($900 – $1200) and new foam ($300 or so? or sometimes its included in upholstery price) but that still a pretty great sofa for $1200 – $1600. Not nothing, but great for a totally unique sofa.

8. $70 Vintage Drafting Table Not just for architects. These tables, when flat, are great tables for weird areas – think foyers, corner tables and desks for behind sofas. These cost a fortune here, so $75 is very cheap for this guy.

MCM Credenza Brass Lamp Kansas City

9.  $250 Mid Century Credenza Cute and a great price.

10. $40 Brass Pharmacy Lamp Ditto.

11. $30 Mod Side Chair Yup. Think about doing to it what I did to Joy’s chairs

Pair of Chairs Kansas City

12. $300 Pair of Mid Century Chairs These are not a steal, but they have such a fantastic shape. They are so simple and sophisticated. I bet they are by someone fancy – i just have that feeling. Somebody please snag these, recover them (maybe $600 for the pair) and pat yourself on the back. These can even handle a great pattern since they are so simple.

13. $150 Vintage Vanity Because I clearly can’t get enough art deco anything, based on The Fig House design.

14. $40 Pair of Vintage Chairs Take off that skirt. Reupholster in a masculine color and stick in your bedroom or your dressing room. Oh to have a dressing room. Can you imagine how happy your life (and boyfriend/husband) would be if you had one room just for dressing? You could just brush your hair over and over, 500 strokes, and perhaps even have a tv where you could watch season 3 of Felicity. All the time.

MCM Desk and Dining Set

15.  $100 Mid Century Desk Its cute, solid and $100. Its a good deal – not a total steal, but a good deal. Perfect for a smallish apartment, dorm room or kids/tween room.

16.  $35 Bright Retro Cafe Table These aren’t the most sophisticated of dining sets, but for $35 its just pretty cute. The yellow is cute, but obviously you could change it out really easy and even recover it yourself. Don’t invest too much in this set, but its a really good cute set for someone not feeling like splurging but wants something unique.

Thank you Kansas City for being so inexpensive – I need these kinds of steals to keep me alive. I’m like a robot that really just functions on the fuel of a good find. Help me survive, folks. Where to next?


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