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Trolling Craigslist… Indianapolis!

I know nothing about you, sir Indianapolis, but I like your vintage finds. Lets troll …

Indy CL vintage lamp

1. $50 Vintage Desk Lamp Not a show stopper but a super cute architectural lamp that could work in your modern space. It kinda looks like a sad robot but maybe he just needs a good home.
2. $15 Vintage Steelcase Desk Chair Always a classic. This chair could use a recovering, but with $15 its off to a good start. I’d think that it would be under $100 (and could be as cheap as $40) to recover, with only needing a yard of fabric. Good deal.
3. $100/set of Breuer Arm Chairs These guys need recovering and refinishing, but they are classics and can be really pretty and comfortable. You’ll have to invest a bit (maybe $60 per chair + refinishing) but could be worth it.

Indy CL Set fo Eames Shell chairs

4. $800/ Set of Eames Shell Chairs Expensive, sure, but BEAUTIFUL. That color is insane and their classic shape is something you can’t get bored with. Snatch those up.
5. $75/ Set of Hairpin Stools So cute. I was just saying yesterday that the hairpin movement might be reaching its peak (not to say that I don’t still love a classic hairpin but I’m just ready to not see them EVERYWHERE). But these guys have the foot rest ring thing which makes them look totally vintage and slightly more unique. Plus they are a great price. Too bad one of your friends will be sitting at least a foot higher than the others. But maybe there are three of you that are really tall and you have a really short friend and you’ve been looking for a way to even all of you out – emotionally and physically.

Indy CL lots of vintage chairs

6. $150/ Set of Vintage Folding Chairs I have a thing for vintage folding chairs. I think it’s from living in New York and loving/needing temporary furniture (furniture you can fold up and put away when people aren’t over so it doesn’t crowd your 200 square foot apartment).
7. $45 Pair of Woven Mid Century Chairs I’m never sure what to do with two chairs – throw them around a breakfast table, or flank a credenza with them, but these two are pretty cute for the price.
8. $35/e Folding Cane Chairs Again with the folding chairs! These are real cute, though. A little more unique. Put them around a Saarinen table (or the knock off from CB2 or Ikea) and call it a day.
9. $40 Pair of Industrial Stools If you got some industrial style going on then these two adorable stools might be for you. Especially for $20 a pop.

Indy Cl vintage dude couch

10. $900 Vintage Leather Sofa Does a bear buy vintage in the woods? YES!!!! Buy this. I realize its $900 which is not nothing but its worth it for this beauty. It looks like the leather is in the perfect worn condition, the shape is interesting (are you a Chesterfield or are you mid-century?) and while $900 is a lot of money, this would be at least $2400 in a store.
11. $15 Wire Patio Chairs Now next to that sofa these are looking kinda puny and sad. These chairs are easy to find and therefore easy to create a set. They are also easy to spray paint. I’ve bought a lot of them before for an outdoor project because I think there shape is cute and modern. For $7.50 each that is not bad, folks.
Happy Tuesday, folks. Where to next?


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