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Trolling Craigslist… Denver

It’s been a couple busy weeks over here what with the Air bnb project, The Fig House, Curbly’s house, Cup of Jo’s apartment and our house, so I’ve barely been able to keep up with watching Interior Therapy, let alone trolling Craigslist in cities that I have no intention of buying in. Its almost like it shouldn’t be a priority in my life but next you are going to tell me I don’t have time to watch vintage 90’s teen dramas in bed at night. I have time, folks, i’ll always make time.

But i’m back, folks. trolling Craigslist in Denver.

Brass Bed and Table

Brass Bed: The bed isn’t the most incredible thing i’ve ever seen, but for $50 its pretty darn great. It needs to be styled in a modern way, maybe with some linen sheets, more masculine colors and some campaign nightstands. Stay away from anything from any Laurel Ashley or Shabby chic because this  lady needs to be butched up a bit.

Brass Side Table: The layered height on this thing is intriguing for sure, but its the $20 price that is reeling me in. Styled in the right space, decidedly NOT on that rug, it could be great but you will be fighting the very strong inner 80’s-ness of this lady.


Russel Woodard Set and Leather Chairs

Russell Woodard Set: Yes. If you (and any men in your house) can handle this Golden Girls craziness of this set, then you should grab it. I think it could use a fresh coat of paint, and it could be many different colors – white, black, gray, hot pink, navy …. its all in the context and styling.

Leather & Chrome Chairs: These say ‘leather’ but they sure look like vinyl to me. Never you mind because for $25 they could be great. Put a simple thick linen on them or a stripe and call it a day. If there were only 1 it wouldn’t be so attractive, but since there are 4 they could be pretty great for your office.

Brass Table Set and MSM Sectional

Brass Table Set: I’m not proud of choosing these. Its just that they are sooooo cheap. It might be a ‘you get what you pay for situation’ and maybe these table bases are piece of garbage …. but I’m VERY temped by the price.

Mid Century Modern Sectional: I’m a little confused why the back on the tight part is higher, but the whole situation intrigues me. I’d say this would be a $1200 reupholster job + $600 for fabric … But if you think about it, most sectionals at big box stores are still way more than that. I’m interested, but not sold.

Twin Headboards and Bamboo Sofa Table

Two Twin Headboards: If little Charlie/Oliver/Starke were just a girl and twins i’d be all over these. So cute and $50 each is not bad.

Bamboo and Brass Sofa Table: Yup. This is pretty good. It could use a coat of paint, maybe. I love the brass detailing on the feet and the detail on the top. It’s 80’s but so am I … kinda.

Brass Table Base Sofa bed and Chair

Brass Table Base:  If you are a collector of brass table bases then I really am helping you along on this one, for we have you another brass table base. Again, its not an ‘INCREDIBLE OH MY GOSH YOU HAVE TO INVEST IN THIS PIECE’ situation. But its just a pretty good steal for $15.  If its solid and quality then you could invest in a piece of marble for the top, but if its cheap then get a piece of pre-cut round wood from Home Depot and paint the top white. Cheap and so good.

Pair of Midcentury Chairs:  Again, with the pricing … $20 for two mid-century chairs is a pretty good deal.

Midcentury Sofa Bed: – Oh the slim sophisticated lines, the masculinity of this sofa bed. This is a GREAT deal if you need a sofa bed. If you want to replace the innards commpletely with a new hideabed mechanism it will be around $700 – $1000 and then reupholstering should be 800 – $1200 + fabric … So its an investment but its a very sharp looking sofabed, for sure.

Where to next, people???? Send me a city and the one that is voted on the most we’ll troll next!

Thanks, Abby, for helping me put together this post!!!

*Denver Illustration from Etsy, here

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