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Trolling Craigslist … Dallas/Ft. Worth

Y’all know I have a thing for Texas. It started with ‘Friday Night Lights’ and then I went to Round Top Antique Fair, which really sealed the deal. So Texas and Coach Taylor, this is for you.

Milo Baughman Chair Bamboo Stools

Vintage side table: I wish there were two SOO bad, but this is a great little piece with great hardware for $80.

Pair of chairs: If that leather/vinyl is in good condition then these are great. If it;s not then skip. But the color/shape and style is pretty great for $225 a chair.

Milo Baughman chair: Just buy this. I’m emotionally exhausted just looking at it. Oh, if there were two. This isn’t a steal but everything that is Milo Baughman is a fortune so I’ve just accepted it at this point.

Bamboo stools: These are crazy adorable and total steals. Buy them and reward your butt by sitting on them.

Vintage Side Table and Desk Chairs

Pair of  Regency side tables: I’m hoping these are real burl wood — not Formica. But they are pretty great, friends.

Burlwood side table: Now this one looks real. Again, I wish there were two, but the color is great and it could sit nicely next to a sofa (not a floating one, I’m assuming the back isn’t awesome).

Rolling desk chairs: These aren’t INCREDIBLE but they are pretty damn cute for $75. If you are on a budget, these are a total steal.

Vintage Brass Mirror and Shelf

Brass mirror: This could be cheap in person, but an interesting, sculptural standing mirror is always a good score.

Brass shelving unit: Very few houses can handle the ’80s quality of this shelving unit. But if you have a big bright white or gray room with a mix of modern and vintage pieces, then you might be able to pull it off.

Sectional: You had me at weird-shaped chaise. This bad boy will be around $1200 – $1500 to reupholster, which isn’t AWESOME, but it’s still way cheaper than most big box sectionals.

Vintage Dining Chairs and Bamboo Credenza

Bamboo credenza: I’ve never seen a sofa table like this and I’m officially ‘pro’ this sofa console. This could easily go a color that would be super chic as well.

Set of six dining chairs: Not for everyone, certainly. But six of these for $50 is a CRAZY steal. Sure, they are going to be $80 – $100 each to reupholster (and 1 1/2 yards of fabric each), but that is still a pretty inexpensive custom dining chair.

Vintage Coffee Table and Kind Bed

Coffee table: I’m trying to figure out how to customize this so it doesn’t look so tacky ’80s. Do you paint it and put a big piece of marble instead of glass? Do you buy a piece of wood and have it covered with worn leather instead of glass? It’s VERY tricky and you can fail easily, but for $15 it might be a fun challenge.

King size bed frame: Buy this for $50 and paint that sucker. If you want to have fun you could paint the molding inside a different color 0r put a different finish inside those shapes … Mirrors? Maybe a little porno. Upholster the inside? Could work if it wasn’t too fluffy … Or just strip and wax it and keep it pretty wood. (Just make sure you get all the shine off of it because the style with the varnish is what is dating it so bad.) I would probably most likely do a matte finish in a current color — forest green, coral, navy, peacock, hot pink (if it’s for a guest room), black if you are a bad ass … I could go on and on …

Thanks, Texas. I miss you and your hot sweaty nights after long days of antiquing.



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