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Trolling Craigslist…Charlotte!

Lets all head down to the south, shall we? Where everyone, no matter who it is always calls me Ms. Emily.  Craigslisting down there has always been pretty productive – so here it goes:

trolling CL charlotte 1

1. $245 Vintage Patio Set The crazy lady inside of me wants these on my patio right now. They definitely aren’t for everyone, but they are for the right patio. Im envisioning a beautiful patio on the east coast, filled with lovely people, nicely perched in these chairs who love to waste away the day drinking sparkling rose.

2. $225  Vintage tufted sofa Those are some good lines and a lot of tufts which are two things every sofa could use more of. If it were in a dark charcoal or a heather grey linen it would be beautiful. Or hell, if you have some balls upholster it up in an emerald green linen. The lines are simple enough that you can take risks with it and have some fun.


Trolling CL charlotte 2


3. $80 Vintage Dresser Strip it down and refinish that bad boy in a pretty walnut tone. If you want to jazz it up paint the handles a different color, like white. But I like the idea of keeping the pieces and the handles in the same color tone.

4. $40/Set of Vintage Chairs. These are both hideous and interesting at the same time, kinda like your creepy old neighbor that you constantly catch looking through the kitchen window at you. If you recovered them in a simple cream or ivory linen they could go from hideous and interesting (like the creepy neighbor next door) to beautiful and weird (like the new neighbor that just moved in across the street).

Trolling CL Charlotte 3


5.  $85 Whicker Headboard So cute! It makes me want to have a girl right now. Not to mention that Land of Nod has a pretty similar headboard selling for much, much more. Grab this one up before I decide to have a girl just so that I can design a room around this headboard.

6. $85 Midcentury Modern Desk That’s a cheap desk, folks. Snatcherup. Cancel your expensive dinner plans, buy some TV dinners for the next few nights and before you know it you’ll have saved enough to buy this beauty of a piece which can also now double as a TV dinner table!

Trolling CL charlotte 4

7.$100 Pair of Chairs You are kinda throne-like in a weird way. Of course they need to be in a more conservative/timeless fabric but the lines, shape and style are pretty impressive.

8. $50 Vintage Table and Chairs Its not awesome, but its not the worst. If you have a nook and are looking for some cute retro furniture then you are in luck because this set could be the new best friend to your lonely corner nook.

Trolling CL charlotte 5


9. $200 Grasscloth Waterfall Table A table like this can be your entrance table, your console table, your sofa table or just a random table in your adorable nook. It has about as much versatility as you can dream up.

10 $60 Campaign Side Table Ok, not an awesome deal, but not bad for what you could have sitting in your room. I’m still a sucker for a campaign table.

11. $125  Horse Lamp Cute, quirky, weird and totally up my alley. I don’t love that color for my house but I love that shape. You could easily paint it and instantly it goes from neigh to yay!

Where to next, folks?

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