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Trolling Craigslist… Boston

Boston and I have a lot in common; we are both obsessed with sports. Only, opposite. I spent two weeks there 10 years ago styling for Home Goods and I remember every day, EVERY SECOND, getting lost in ‘The Big Dig’ and coming to hate Boston. Then years later I went back and didn’t get lost and wasn’t doing a job where I had to shop in every suburban Home Goods, and really liked the historic downtown area. Besides I really like that Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore movie. So there’s that.

Anyway, lets troll Boston.

Boston Craigslist Vintage Desk and tables

1. $30 Vintage School Desk You are pretty cute. In a kids room or as an entrance table where you drop your keys? $30 for a decent amount of personality.

2. $75 Set of ‘Marble’ Tables Yeah, ‘marble’ is right. I think these should be $40 because that faux top is a bit offensive, but they are cute little occasional tables, for when I occasionally love marble.

3. $97 Bamboo Nesting Tables Yes, cute. Offer $75. These would go nicely in my house right now, indeed but obviously not worth the long distance hoard.

4.  $275 Set of Six Chairs Not bad at all. They need to be upholstered which would be around $80 a chair with cost of 1 yard each, so make sure you calculate that into your cost. But redone these would be great because a. there is a set of six, b. the shape is totally cute and c. these suckers look comfortable.

5. $70 Lucite Side Table Not opposed at all. Sure, I wish it were brass but you can’t look a Craigslist in the mouth.

Boston Craigslist barstools chairs

6. $100 Pair of Vintage Club Chairs These may not even need upholstering which means they are a great score. Look up online how to clean vinyl because there might be something simple you can do to freshen them up.

7. $125/Pair Vintage Rope Bar Stools These are INSANE. If there were 4 or at least 3 of them I would ABSOLUTELY coordinate shipping for them. I need these really bad. I’ve been looking for counter stools for our kitchen, ideally with a low back and ideally out of wicker or some sort of natural fiber. Someone, please buy these.

8.$30 Bright Vintage Chairs. Totally cute, no?
Boston Craigslist Retro Lamp Peacock chair

9. $60 Softlite Mushroom Lamp Oh hey little mushroom lamp, you are VERY cute.

10. $35 Bamboo Table/Stool. AGAIN, these would be pretty great in my kitchen. Want, need, can’t have.

11. $228 Mid Century Shelving AMAZING. Very good price. Reminds me of a Paul McCobb. These would be really expensive in LA so someone should gobble it up!

12. $135 Peacock Chair As if I need another peacock chair in my life (although ironically i’m looking for a bunch for a project right now so if anyone knows of any in Austin or LA let me know).

Well, Boston, you done showed up to play ball today and I appreciate that. You, me and Craigslist make a pretty good team. And that’s about it for me and the sports metaphors … it’s getting foul around here ….

TGIF and where to next?


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